Alexandrian Ring Neck

by A. Sulli
(Houston, Texas)

I just brought home my Alexandrine Ring Neck. I am taking her to the vet in 2 days. Can you tell me what test I should have done. Any vacinations?

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May 21, 2009
by: Anonymous

TRY to tell your bird that the vet isnt'll probably think so when you first go in,but calm her down,try to give her lots of hugs and kisses before and after the vets so she doesn't feel abandoned then play with her and talk to her(and give her small sticks to chew on).

May 05, 2009
First avian vet visit
by: The Vet

Depending on his age, you will get blood work. I do blood work on birds over 1 year of age. You should get a Gram?s stain of the cloaca, a thorough physical exam, and any necessary grooming. The vaccines are important. I recommend getting the polyomavirus vaccine.

Dr B

May 04, 2009
What a Beeautiful Birdy!
by: Linda

You have one of the prettiest of the Ringneck Parakeets!

Your trip to the vet will probably consist of a negative gram stain taken from the front end and rear end to rule out any bacterial infections, weight taken and overall discussion about bird care if you have any questions in that area. There could be a vaccination though I don't know for what. In my day (long, long ago) we did not even have bird vets much less vaccinations, so let the vet help you there. Mine have never had any vaccinations, and they normally just go to vet for nail and beak trimming.

Just make sure your bird is being fed a nutritious diet of natural products. An all seed diet is deficient in everything, and birds in the wild do not eat seed only. They eat a variety of foods. Harrison's pellets and birdy breads are a wonderful diet for a parrot of any size and age. There are instructions for weaning them from seed diet onto the pellets, and it is not done quickly as old habits die hard. I used some organic apple juice put on the pellets with an eyedropper (can also use a small syringe) and let it sit for a few minutes. Before I did that, my amazons would not eat the pellets, and after that, they started liking them with the apple juice on them. Not too much apple juice or applies in general as this will cause stomach upsets. After a while, I was able to give them the pellets plain, and they were already used to eating them, so they have been eating them ever since. You can also feed dark green veggies (not avocado), yellow and orange veggies like kale, dark green lettuce, squash and baked sweet potatoes, while using the Harrisons. Just no animal protein or vitamins to mess up the balanced diet Harrisons presents.

Put up a picture of your bird if you have not already, as we'd all love to see your new baby.


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