Alexandrine and Congo African Grey parrot together?

I have an alexandrine male hand tamed about
1 yr old and Congo African grey about 6 months old.
My question can they be housed in one big cage they won't fight and enjoy being together. I have placed an order of big cage meanwhile they were
living separately in different cages now I want them to live together am I doing fine or is there some thing wrong.
Please let me know thank you

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Dec 07, 2012
Alexandrine and Congo African Grey parrot together?
by: Linda

My opinion about this comes from many years' experience with parrots of all species. It is that this is not a good idea. It's never a good idea to put different species together, and considering the difference in size and weight with these two, that holds true here. Though they are getting along and not fighting when outside cages to play, consider that they might very well change once they are thrown together into one cage. The Alexandrine is for sure a more aggressive bird which sets them up for disaster right there. I'd make sure the Grey has a cage the size made for one Amazon who are similar in size, and those cages are roomy enough for one bird to be happy. Most come with playtops which I'd also recommend so your two can play together either on the Grey's cage or the Alexandrine's cage. So, if you're getting cages, get one for each of the birds because two nice sized cages won't cost anymore than one really big one. We have a double Macaw cage for our Amazons, and it is a horror to clean, so I wish I'd bought two cages instead of one big one. If the Alexandrine's can also have a playtop, then the birds can play on each others' cage tops. When it's time to eat and sleep, they will each have their own space in which to feel comfortable and safe.

Putting them together will change the dynamics of how they relate to each other and not necessarily for the better so stay with separate cages.

Thanks for writing before you did this as it shows you are concerned about your birds' health and well being.Let us know how they are liking their new cages and post a pix of each because we all love to see pictures of happy birds!


Dec 07, 2012
by: Anonymous

Hi there,

I am going through the same thing. I have a Sun Conure whom is older and is tame and we just recently purchased a young 7 month old Indian Ring Neck. They have been in separate cages. The don't show aggression but out of no where when one flew on top of the other cage, it WAS WAR like I never saw it before. No of them got hurt because one was out of the cage on top and the other was inside but they were trying very hard to BITE each other! You can't just put two birds that never shared a space together like that. I know that if you hand raise a few different species together and they stay together, they would be just fine in most cases. You should consider introducing them slowly, seeing what would happen with both of them out of the cage near but not on the same cage. Let them get used to each other. When you see them getting along, following each other and visiting the inside of each others cages then you can bring a huge set up like you are ordering and let them both follow each other in there and make it home. If you got a great deal on the cage, fine, maybe down the road you can put them but not so sudden. It can mean injury or worst yet, something FATAL.

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