Alexandrine feather loss

by Tom

Our hen alexandrine has toe same problem glen described. in 2007 she molted normally then about 3 months later she lost her green plumage and was covered by downy gray feathers.

She finally grew some greeen feathers and part of her maroon patches after about 9 months. three months later she lost the green feathers again. Our Vet wonders if she is plucking. She hasn't lost a feather. We'd have seen them in the bottom of her cage. She just turned 3 March 3rd. She again has downy gray feathers covering her body except for her head. Her tail and flight feathers are perfect.

Can anyone help us?

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Mar 11, 2009
alexandrine feather loss
by: Win in Pa

Hi Tom.

I have a male alexandrine. He is 9 yrs old. For the last 3 yrs he has done the same thing. His head, wings are covered with green, his legs, belly are white down feathers. He has had a pc of skin taken from his leg, a pc from under his wing by his avian vet and it was tested. It came back negative. He has been on countless meds. Nothing worked.

Have you gotten another bird? Changed the location of the cage? Added something to the room she is in or her cage that might frighten her?

My avian vet says that my boy is stressed and shredding his feathers. If you look in the bottom of the cage you may find some shredded off ones.

How often do you bathe her? Try giving her a bath at least 4 times a week. Add some red palm oil to her soft food. If she will take it out of a syringe it is alot easier. Give her 3 drops a day.
You can also try some rescue remedy. I give my Alexandrine 3 drops a day.

Also lighting. I do not know where you live. But if it is cold in the winter our birds do not get natural lighting. Do you use full spectrum light? If not I suggest that you get some and put her under it at least 5 days a week for about 3-4 hours a day. When it is sunny and warm. Take her out in a cage and I stress this.. stay out with her... Let her out in the sun for about 2 hours a day. Do not let her get overheated.

What are you feeding her? Fruits, veggies, pellet, seed and a nut mix are good for our Alexandrines.

And for toys. You can try some preening toys. They will keep her mind off the overpreening and shredding her feathers.

I hope this helps.

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