alexandrine flying to high areas

hi, me and my family have noticed that our 2 year old female alexandrine has been flying on top of the fridge and hiding herself in the dark. she has never done this but we lately realised that everytime the cage is open she tries to fly on the fridge which we tried to cover. my dad thinks she might be maturing but we dont know. please help me as we are getting worried.

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Feb 02, 2012
Response to Lyane
by: Anonymous

we hardly clip my parrot's wing. We just clipped it not so that he falls and hits places if he attempts to fly; but we clipped it so that he can still fly but not as high as before cause for some reason shes been going on top of the fridge lately. its really your choice to clip the wing or not. for my parrot we normally dont clip the wing, she normally flys around the house and goes back to her cage, she sometimes lands on the kitchen bench and we play with her.

Feb 01, 2012
I don't clip my bird's wings...should I?
by: Lyane

Does everyone in here trim their parrot's wings? I don't...should I? I am always checking what my bird is doing. And I have two cats so for my bird, it is important to be able to fly IN CASE something would happen but when the bird is out, we always have an eye on him. MY BIRD always flies to the second floor on the railing and sometimes he goes from the kitchen, flies all the way to the living room to then fly upstairs, all in one shot...

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Feb 01, 2012
by: Anonymous

thankyou very much. we have just clipped her wings. normally when her wings are grown she flys around the house and lands back at her cage. she sometimes comes and flys ontop of our head. she has never gone ontop of the fridge before until a couple of days ago, so i thought there might have been a problem cause she wanted to hide. thanks once again

Jan 31, 2012
Bird flying to high areas
by: Tracie

You need to have your birds wings trimmed so that the bird doesn't fly around your home. Your bird could decide to crawl into a place in the back of your fridge or some other place and get trapped or hurt.

Your bird also could chew something toxic in your home and slowly die from being poisoned. Metal on ceiling fans, dye in carpets etc. can poison your bird.

Yes, your bird is probably wishing to nest, but the REAL danger is that you are allowing your bird to roam your home that is full of toxic and dangerous items and places it can get trapped.

Please study our Toxic / Non-toxic for birds list and make sure your home is bird safe.

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