Alexandrine Head Feather Damage

by Ross

I have two female Alexandrines which I have had only for a couple of months. They were from different breeders. They appear to have some minor feather damage on the top of their heads only. This condition was not present when I received them. I feel that they are housed & fed well.

Is it possible that they are plucking each others head feathers and if so what can I do about it. I have not noticed any feather plucking at all. There is not an Avian Vet in the area in which I live. What do you suggest in the short term.

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Jul 16, 2008
Alexandrine feather damage
by: The Vet

It is very likely that they are plucking each other. At this time, separate them to see if the problem goes away. Other problems can cause this, so you need to see an avian veterinarian if the feathers do not grow back after you separate them.

Other possibilities include fugal infection, nutritional deficiencies (if you are not feeding 80% pellets), bacterial infection, and maybe a few other things.

It may be that you put them together too soon and they are not getting along.

Dr B

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