Alexandrine molting or plucking?

by Ashley F
(Arlington, TX)

Hi, I've got a supposed male Alexandrine,one year old this week, and he has not had a serious molt yet. When he was about 6 months he lost a few baby feathers here and there. I've noticed about three times as many feathers in and around his cage in the last 3 days. The feathers seem to be in pretty good condition and coming out in even numbers.

Here in Texas, we just started our Spring season and I keep him in a room with natural light. I haven't seen him over-preen or any bald spots yet. I watched him shake and a couple feathers flittered out.

Does this seem to be a molt rather than plucking?

Thank you for your help!


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Mar 21, 2011
by: Michele

your bird is doing his normal molt. not to worry

Mar 21, 2011
Thanks Tracie!
by: Ashley F

Your response has made my day! I was worried my little Yoshi had become a plucker. Come to think of it, he has been a bit grumpy the last couple days.
Once again, thank you for your quick response. I'm a first time bird owner and sometimes feel like I mamma hen him too much. I love your site and will definitely save it to my favorites!

I hope you have a wonderful day :)


Mar 21, 2011
Bird molting or plucking?
by: Tracie

Your bird is molting, and thanks for checking. If you ever see bald spots or places that only have down, and there used to be feathers, then you need to make an appointment with an avian vet right away.

When our birds molt, it looks like someone plucked a bird, by looking at all the feathers on the floor. LOL

Sometimes they get a bunch of new feathers in a t one time, and you will see "sticks" poking out of them. These are the new feathers coming in. They have a blood supply and some birds get very grumpy. They are sensitive to the touch, until they are ready to be preened and the hard sheath falls off.

If you see hard sheaths sticking out, encourage your bird to bathe, to soften them, or mist your bird at least once a day to help him out. He may even want you to help him preen, by gently "smashing" the sheaths in your fingers. Some birds love this, some birds will bite you for trying it.

Thanks for writing.

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