Alexandrine needs a roommate not cagemate

by Ashley

Hello fellow bird enthusiasts!
I've got a year old presumably male Alexandrine. He is good with people/kids; likes to sit on fingers and loves to talk and sing. I feel like he needs a little buddy to chat with while I'm at work and school.

I know the best option would be another Alexandrine, but that is out of the question. Not only cost, but I'm afraid the noise level would be to high. Would he do well with a cockatiel? These guys would be housed separately, but within eyeshot of each other. If not a cockatiel, can you suggest another bird under $200 that would be a suitable feathered companion?

Thanks in advance for your input!

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Apr 29, 2011
Alexandrine needs a roommate not cagemate
by: Linda

I'll only add comment or so to what Tracie said.

If the two of them are going to be out of the cage at the same time, make sure you are right there all the time they are out of cage. The Alexandrine will be the aggressor as the Cockies are quite docile. If the Alexandrine's wings are not clipped, then please make sure they are trimmed by an Avian Vet before new bird shows up. New bird will also need a trip to the Avian Vet to be checked for infection BEFORE he comes home to keep from passing on a highly contageous infection. Most all pet store birds and some breeder birds are already sick from all the stress of moving, poor diets in pet stores and being put with all the different birds. While you have new bird at avian vet have its wings clipped too. Just the first 6 longer primary flight feathers which are the ones at the ends of each wing. Do not allow them to cut any higher as this causes chronic pain and bird falls like a rock and will be hurt.

Thanks for writing,

Apr 28, 2011
Bird company
by: Tracie

My personal opinion is that a Cockatiel would be fine. What you want is important, since you will be the one spending time with the bird, one on one.

Cockatiels can be very sweet birds, but they do have a lot of dander, just so you know. If you have done your homework, and know all about Cockatiels, then go for it. :-)

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