This is Atalantae’s Alexandrine Parakeet, Kasey.

This Alexandrine Parakeet was her first bird.

Alexandrine Parakeet, KaseyAlexandrine Parakeet, KaseyAlexandrine Ringneck Parakeet Picture
Alexandrine Parakeet, Kasey Skin infection/loss of feathers

Back in 2000 I got it in my head I wanted a parrot. I knew very little about parrots and breeders and knew absolutely nothing about adoption.

I hit 2 pet stores in the area. I saw a very pretty little Sun Conure at the first one. I told my better half that I was not going to buy the first bird that I saw, held and talked to. So off we went to the only other pet store in the area.

Here is where I found my “son.” There were two Alexandrine Parakeets together, both 12 weeks old. Of course they did not know if they were male or female. So I put my hand towards them.

One of Alexandrine Parakeets decided that it would step up and wanted to be with me. The other was stand offish. So I spent about 1 hr there with them. I decided on the one whom wanted to step up and be with me.

I did the paper work and bought it a cage and the food while I was there. And off we went to come home. The store had put him in a aquarium box for me to bring him home. I got him home and tilted the box slowly so that he would not get scared and he just refused to come out.

So I waited about 10 minutes and he still had refused to come out. I reached in... lo and behold... BITE... OUCH! But I got him out. He has been so spoiled from the minute I got him. The only time he has ever bitten was in the first 10 minutes that I had him home with me.

I made the vet appointment. I didn't know then, that there was such a thing as an avian vet. I took him up and the lady told me that it had to be a female, “It is too docile.” So I did the blood test just to make sure.

Well I had to find a name. Hummmm- well I do have a favorite book.... Kasey is the heroine in it. Kasey can be a male or female name... sounds great to me. So Kasey it is.

Two weeks later I get a call from the vet. Well, I am afraid I was totally off the charts with this one. You have a son! Yahoo a boy, I have always wanted a son!!!

As we have went thru the years it has been a learning process. In the yr 2004 right towards the end of it, Kasey started a molt. And it didn't stop! It took 18 months to get him back to normal.

He had white dowel feathers on his belly, no other feathers would fall out. My boy was just terrible looking. My poor baby. He went to 4 vets in total. The fourth and final vet decided that he was to go under the knife. God how I hated to do this to him, but I had to get him better and find a reason why he had this problem. I did it!!!!

Kasey was a terrific boy. We got the results 1 week after the test. Here he had a skin infection. We started meds. I gave it to him for 6 weeks. I was starting to see results. WOW.... HE IS MOLTING... YAHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a very happy camper. It took about 5 weeks for him to finally finish that molt he started 18 months before. Today he is a very beautiful boy once again!!!

An added note as of December 2007. Sadly Kasey is still fighting the skin infection and has stopped molting again. They are trying some new medications.

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