Alexandrine Parakeet Black Poop water,with out Feces

by Asif Arain

Hi My Alexandrine Parakeet Named Tabby 10 Months old Approx.His Droppings is Black and without white feces although he is eating his normal diet like Fresh Veggies,Fruit,and a seed Mix Diet Night Only.Have attach the sample of his Poop kindly see Carefully and advise me what to do.His Weight is 220 Grams.

He is Active,Talking,Playing and flying to my Hand on Cue...

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Sep 20, 2012
Observed for a month
by: Asif Arain

I have observes him very closely to see any change
Yes there is change in his droppings sum times
Green + water + whitish sum times brown + water no white
Sum times black thick no water and whitish.
I took him to vet who is ordinary vet her for cat and dog can also check for birds he gave me medicine for him and I used them on my bird but nothing changed. But I think he is okay
Because he plays with toys tear them apart and talk
Fly from perch to perch even on my hand on cue he does tricks as I command him his main diet is fresh veggies fruits.
At night he want an apple followed by seed mix before going to bed. That's his routine since he was a chick about 6 weeks old. He waste a lot of food while eating and like to dip in water and eat.

Sep 20, 2012
Parakeet Black Poop water, without feces
by: D. Singh

Hello, If I were you I'll watch him very closely to see if he is pooping like this often; if so I'll take him to the Vet. I'll not take ANY chances with any of my pets bacauce they cannot say how they feel or if they are in pain. I must say though that this poop doesn't look bad BUT keep a close eye on it. Good luck and hope all is well.God bless!

Sep 20, 2012
Alexandrine Parakeet Black Poop water, without feces
by: Anonymous

Birds pooh about every 10-20 min depending on their size. Smaller birds poop more often.

Now when a bird has a bit more to drink within that time period, that poop will be watery.

The color of the poop, can depend on what he ate in the past 20 minutes. Certain people foods can change the color of the feces.

I wasn't looking my kid gave our Grey a cheeto, well when she went poop, it came out orangie-green. (my birds eat mainly pellets)

If your bird is sick, his feathers will be fluffed all the time, he wont sing, talk, or make much of any noise, he wont eat, and typically will stay in the corner of the cage. He wont let you hold him or pick him up.

Sounds to me, that your bird is fine. It was just his diet. Fruits also sometimes containt alot of water and can cause watery poop, or change color. But from what you said about general behavior, he seems fine.

Just watch him for a week... if the problem presists with the pooh, then a trip to the avian vet is needed.

My vet has me feeding my birds Roudybush ( Harrison's is good too!) pellets at 80% of their diet. 15% fresh fruits and veggies, and 5% seed. Seed is basically given to my birds during training sessions or as a rewards only.

Keep an eye on him, GL, and I hope all is good!

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