alexandrine parakeet breeding

can i use the same cage for a 2 year old male alaexandrine and a 3 months old female alexandrine? what is the breeding age for male and female parrots/

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May 30, 2018
by: Anonymous


Apr 01, 2013
Alexandrine parakeets sharing cage
by: Tracie

They should NOT share a cage unless they choose later in life to share a cage. The older bird could potentially kill the younger bird at this point in time.

You did not mention if you were wishing to put them together now and separate them later so the would NOT breed or if you are wishing to breed them. If you are wishing to breed them, then help another breeder and learn all you can BEFORE allowing them to breed.

A good breeder will invest in the health of their birds, so your birds will see an avian vet yearly, you will need to feed them high quality pellets, you will need to know how to properly feed babies in case the parents neglect the babies or even attack the babies. The list goes on and on.

It is best to learn all you can before starting the process. I realize you may not WANT to breed, but just in case I wanted to encourage you to get practice before putting two birds together.

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