Alexandrine Parakeet Pulling out feathers?

by Grant Woods
(Indianapolis, IN, United States)

My alexandrine parakeet is pulling out his feathers on his chest and feathers on his back. We've had him for over a year, he's 3 years old, and he just started pulling out feathers a day or two ago. The only thing that's changed is that we moved his cage from the living room downstairs to the office upstairs. Could it be that the environment change has him stressed out? Or is he just molting?

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Aug 05, 2009
Feather plucking
by: Linda

Molting birds are not pulling their feathers out, this is a natural process that happens twice a year when they are getting in new feathers.

Yes, moving him away from the place he has grown used to can be causing this behavior.

Also, you need to have him checked by an Avian vet to make sure he is healthy and without infection or parasites.

He also needs time out of cage each day and nice safe toys to keep him occupied when in cage or out. He needs nutritious food like organic pellets to maintain his skin and feathers.

So, take him back to where he was before if he was happy and not plucking his feathers. Then make sure he has good, safe toys to play with. Parrots like to chew on wood and play with cotton rope that has some knots and some hanging down so they can "preen" it. He needs a variety of textures and colors in all his toys. Also, take out toys every month or two and put in new ones. You can do this with the same toys if they are still in good condition. Birds get tired and bored with toys after a short while, so always provide something new to play with. Make sure all toys are safe for your size bird too.


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