Alexandrine Parakeet

by Juls

I have adopted a 8 year old Alexandrine Parakeet who is silly tame. We get on really well but he tries to mate my hand and also tries to feed me. How can I stop this behaviour.

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Feb 20, 2012
Alexandrine Parakeet
by: Linda

The feeding is a sign of affection, and you do not want to stop that. Your bird is showing you how much he loves you by doing that.To try and stop him from showing his love will only confuse him.

The mating with your hand can be handled by simply saying NO and putting him in cage or on a perch. It takes lots of repetition in order for birds to learn, so be consistent with him when training him for any new behavior or training him away from a negative behavior. Trade negative for positive when you can. Always praise him when he does any little thing right as this reinforces the fact that you love him, and it allows him to trust you. Trust is earned not freely given, so always keep this in mind. Postivie reinforcement when bird does any little thing right will take you a long way toward training him to be a good birdy citizen.

Also do some reading about parrots and yours in particular. You need to be able to tell what is a normal, okay behavior and what is not so good. Until you understand his behaviors, body language and how parrots think, you'll keep running up against a brick wall, so learn and keep on learning. Learning about our birds is a lifelong endeavor, and we NEVER know it all and are always learning something new about them which makes them some of the most interesting companions on the planet.

Always come from your heart being full of love for your bird and never lose your temper because anger makes birds fearful, and they will not learn unless they feel perfect love and trust coming from you at all times. They are like little 4-5 year old human children. Kindness and understanding and proper direction are all things birds and children need in abundance and sadly sometimes do not get. Be a good bird parent, and your bird will become your best and greatest companion for many years to come.


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