Alexandrine parrot and a Blue & Gold Macaw

by Connor
(Cairns, QLD, Aus)

Can an Alexandrine parrot and a Blue & Gold Macaw go together in one cage?

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Dec 24, 2011
Alexandrine parrot and a Blue & Gold Macaw
by: Linda

NO, these birds cannot ever be caged together. For one thing, they need different bar spacing on their cages because one is a BIG bird and the other is not.

So, they will need two different cages, one for the smaller bird with the appropriate bar spacing on the cage as well as appropriate sized perches. The Macaw with need a cage with bar spacing for a large parrot, and perches will have to be larger as well. Use safe wood natural branch perches for both because the wooden dowels that come with cages cause arthritis from having to grip them so hard all the time. The natural branch perches come ready to install with hardware already attached. You can find them in any online or regular pet store that carries bird supplies. Online would probably be cheaper even with shipping.

So, do not ever put birds of such different sizes and temperaments together in one cage. The Macaw is docile, and the Parakeet is a more aggressive species. With the size difference, the cage would not be right for either bird as both need their own special cage designed for their size body and feet. The Macaw needs a cage large enough so he can spread his wings completely out on each side and flap his wings without hitting sides or cage or anything in the cage. Anything smaller than this is not going to work for the Macaw as he will actually tear his way out of a small squeeze type cage. The Parakeet will need a cage made for an Amazon or African Grey size. General rule is birds can spread their wings out to the sides, flap without hitting sides or anything in cage when they flap. Thanks for writing,


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