alexandrine parrot by window

by sharyn
(christchurch new zealand)

should i have my alexandrine parrot by the window when he is in his cage. Does this distract him from learning to talk

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Jan 03, 2012
alexandrine parrot by window
by: Linda

Sitting next to a window is okay unless there is any kind of draft coming in through the glass or around the frame. Also, do not leave your bird in the hot sun coming through a window. Sun coming through a window is NOT full spectrum light and can generate enough heat to kill a bird. Full spectrum light has to be provided using full spectrum light bulbs hung above bird's cage. Make sure you get them from a place selling authentic full spectrum fluorescent bulbs, and you can usually get fixtures for them as well.

Over the cage full spectrum lighting have to be hung high enough so bird cannot reach them when out of cage. The cords have to be taped down as they come down the wall to keep bird from being able to touch them. Some of the light fixtures wire directly into a light bulb recepticle, and I find the ones hung using chain are better because you can place them where you need them.

Do not buy bulbs from home improvement stores because they are just colored to look like sunlight and are not full spectrum lights. Birds have to have a source of the full spectrum light to be healthy.

As for talking, there are no special things about that. Birds learn to talk in their own time, and some have large vocabularies developed over years and others only say a few words for all their lives. If this is the only reason you have a bird, then you may be very disappointed if your bird is one who does not like to talk. Talking is only one small part of the friendship and enjoyment a bird brings to a family.


Jan 03, 2012
window parrot
by: Anonymous

Well if you do leave him next to a window do you cover him when he sleep because passing lights will shock the parrot and he will fall off the perch and will become injured (hopefully not) I know this doesn't answer your question but still a problem to be addressed

Jan 03, 2012
Training alexandrine parrot to talk
by: Tracie

I would not think it would keep your bird from talking. When we had birds that talked, their cage was next to a window with a feeder outside. They enjoyed the wild birds and enjoyed us.

We have some articles on our Parrot Training page that may be helpful that you should read.

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