Alexandrine Parrot diaharea

by Chrissy
(Brisbane Australia)


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Nov 04, 2013
Alexandrine Parrot diaharea
by: Sandra D Singh

Hi Chrissy, first of all I'd like to bring it to your attention that you're "not" showing any respect for anyone on this site especially the one who has been doing us a huge favor by creating it. It seemed as though you didn't care about showing respect for your bird, because all you wrote is Diaharea.
The spelling is not really important because many of us do make mistakes or definitely can't spell so that's not the problem here. You don't have to write a novel either but at least "one" sentence, only one, that's all.
From your one word, I sensed that your bird has a diarrhea so you'd have to take him/her to an Avian Vet to be diagnosed and then your bird shall get the prescribed medication to make him/her well again. I can't help you and neither can anyone else on this site. Only an Avian Vet would be able to help your dear bird who seems very ill at the moment. Please give your bird the help that he/she needs immediately! I do hope he/she gets well soon, so good luck and God bless you both.

Nov 04, 2013
Alexandrine Parrot diaharea
by: Linda

Your bird needs to be examined by an Avian
Vet ONLY before it dies. Your bird will become more and more dehydrated until it has multiple organ failures if this is not diagnosed and treated. Tell the avian vet everything about your bird including what it eats, how it lives and so forth. No one can diagnose your bird on the internet because we do not have a lab and your bird to work with. This could be an infection or it could be a dietary problem. Whichever it is, only an avian vet can help your bird.

Thanks for writing, and now get your bird the help it deserves by taking it to an avian vet in your driving area.


Nov 04, 2013
ill parrot
by: Alex

It would have been better if you gave some further information rather than on word.

What I gather from your one word question is that the bird is unwell and needs to see an avian vet.

Diarrhea means that there is most likely something wrong or an illness within the digestive system.

Let us know how the bird gets on at the avian vet.

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