Alexandrine Parrot discoloration

by Tee Campbell
(Flushing, Michigan)

I have noticed a discoloration on my Alexandrine Parrot's head, what could cause this? It has happened twice now.

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Aug 26, 2010
Parrot head discoloration
by: Tracie

Please clarify for Dr B what you mean. What was the problem the last time this happened. What did your avian vet say? What did he/she prescribe to make it better?

What is different about the feathers? Are they just a different color, if so what color are they now and what color did they used to be? Are the feathers worn, and ready to be replaced when the bird molts?

Are just the feathers on the crown of the head involved, or the the whole head down to the neck?

If you bird has not been seen by an avian vet, you can look for one on our Find an Avian Vet page.

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