Alexandrine parrot losing feathers

by Abhinav
(India )

I have marking alexandrine parrot losing feather and white flakes are visible on the body surface .

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Apr 09, 2011
Thanks a lots !
by: Abhinav

Thanks Tracie, I guess you are right its molting i felt this morning when i was caressing my parrot,few green leads were there under its feather :)

Apr 09, 2011
Bird molting
by: Tracie

Your bird is molting, getting new feathers. The white flakes come from the covering that is on the feathers when they grow in. Once the feather is in, the white covering flakes off.

To help you bird with this, provide water for bathing or mist your bird with water every day. Also, the new feathers that are still in the white sheaths (white covering) are called blood feathers. These blood feathers are sensitive and sometimes make birds uncomfortable and grumpy.

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