alexandrine parrot molting time how long

by glenn

I Have a male Alexanrine Parrot who is approx 18 months. He has molted once since i have had him approx six months ago and his feathers come back okay
approx 3 months ago he started to molt again but this time his feathers have not grown back
he seems healthy eating normally and talking
from his neck up feathers are fine but from neck down he has white soft baby like feathers
how long do they molt for and should i be worried about a skin problem
thank you for your help


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Sep 19, 2017
by: Alisoun

My boy is only now beginning his first moult. Got him January this year after weaning. Seems to be taking moult. Get a trifle worried as it is taking so long. Also had and added problem of trauma on chest from jumping off percher perch from a height which is slowly healing. Also has lost a lot of weight I imagine caused by both trauma and moulting. Trying to put weight on him.

Mar 07, 2014
Parrot lovr
by: Diana Cohee


I have a 23 yr male alexandrine part. He is molting now. I know he went through a few cycles in his first few years of life (I've had him since he was 3 months old). My guy is not on a special diet. Pretty much eats what we eat. I know not good. But he is healthy...

Enjoy your bird...they are great pets..I don't know life span...I'm hoping I have paco for a very long time.

Sep 24, 2009
Parrot molting order
by: Bob

Does anyone know the order that the primary feathers molt on a parrot?

Editor's note: I don't think there is an order, but you posted your question as a reply to another question. Please post your questions as a new question so that others will read it and answer them.

Aug 13, 2008
Alexandrine feather damage
by: The Vet

If he has bare spots where the feathers have not come back, then this is abnormal and you should have your bird looked at by an avian veterinarian. Bacterial infection, fungal infection, heavy metal toxicity, and other medical conditions are frequently found in these cases.

Dr. B

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