alexandrine parrot poop

by harish
(chennai india)

i want to know what are the dangerous poop colour and form i should be watching out for . i have two baby alex parrots

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Feb 24, 2017
White watery pop
by: Udayan

I have got a baby of Alexandrian parakeet. Approximately he/she is 8-10 weeks of age. I fed him/her smashed lentil. Today I have noticed that his/her pop is white and watery in nature. Is this abnormal? If yes then what I will do. Regards

Jan 06, 2013
What bird poop should look like
by: Avian Vet

Normal poop has three parts: green from the intestines = feces; white from the kidneys = urates; liquid from the kidneys, too = urine

The droppings should be formed with a small amount of liquid. The green should be grass green or maybe tan, the urates should be pure white, and the urine should be clear. Any deviation from these is abnormal. Dark green or black indicates a bird is not eating; yellow urates mean possible liver disease, excessive amounts of urine or cloudy urine can indicate many different possible problems.

Dec 29, 2012
What to look for in parrot poop
by: The Avian Vet

A normal poop is mostly grass green (feces) with some pure white (urates) and a little liquid (urine). The urine should be clear. If not, this is abnormal; the urates should be white (if not, this is abnormal); the feces should be green. If they are dark green or black, or absent this indicates your bird is not eating. Other colors are abnormal and should be investigated.

Dr B

Dec 29, 2012
alexandrine parrot poop
by: Linda

Bird poop is normally the color of food bird is eating. If eating baby parrot handfeeding formula, it will be a different color than if the bird is older and eating pellets or seeds.The urine is a solid that is ususally white or cream colored and rest of it will be color of food eaten.

The thing to look for is loose, runny stools or stools with either red or a dark thick looking material which can be blood in either of those situations.Bleeding is serious and has to be taken care of immediately since birds are so small and cannot afford to lose much blood.

For any problems you may have with your birds, you need to find an Avian Vet ONLY in your area. Do not take your birds to either a pet store or a regular dog and cat vet because birds have to be diagnosed and treated by an avian vet only. Avian vets are licensed and trained in the care of birds, and birds have special needs when it comes to diagnosing infections or other physical problems and dosages of meds have to be done very precisely by an avian vet to prevent overdosing. Birds do not have fat on their bodies so an overdose of drugs has to be processed by the liver which can kill already sick and weak birds.

You can find avian vet through your local phone book or by calling your country's vet association. Hopefully, you will find one easily because birds have to have an avian vet, and if there are no avian vets, then birds do not need to be kept as pets or for breeding.

Thanks for writing,

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