Alexandrine Ring Neck

by A. Sullivan
(Houston, Texas)

I received your response and I sincerely appreciate you quick response.

My Alexandrine was born on February 14th, 2009. And at this time weighs about 200 grams. I make her homemade foods, she eats pellets, bananas, green beans, mango, etc...

At this time she has a lot of urine, do not see much of the urates (white stuff?), but plenty of green!

From Dr. B's email this is what I need to get done:

No blood work until they are 1 year old.
Gram's Stain from front end and back
Polyomavirus vaccine (should I have the test to see if she is polymavirus negative before the vaccine)

Is this correct? Should I do anything else beside taking a "poop" sample?

By the way this is a great site and I appreciate all your help. I guess I am a bit paranoid.

You have a great store also!!

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May 06, 2009
Alexandrine parakeet first vet visit
by: The Vet

Be sure that 80% of her diet is pellets.

Urates are the white stuff.

Definitely have blood work done ? CBC, Chem panel, and protein electrophoresis

Gram's Stain from front end and back ? yes

Do not test first for Polyomavirus, just vaccinate.

Yes collect droppings from the night before and the morning of the appointment and take those in. It is likely that they will collect some fresh from your bird, too. But it will be helpful if they can see the history of the droppings. Use wax coated paper for collection and keep it in the fridge until your visit.

Dr B

May 05, 2009
Your Beautiful Ring Neck!
by: Linda

Sounds like you are doing very well with her. Yes, take her to vet for the gram stains as they will take the material from her mouth and vent with swabs. They need fresh samples, and taking in a sample of poop is not enough as they can also can have it in the mouth and esophagus.

As for the vaccine, talk with your vet when you take her in and see what they need to do on that one.

Also, be careful of too many fresh fruits as this will give her stomach upsets. Feed a high quality, organic pellet like Harrison's. I've been using their products for many, many years, and my birds don't have to go to vet until they need nails and beaks trimmed. It is made using a cold extrusion method which holds in the vitamins and minerals unlike the heat extrusion done on all the other pellet types.

Don't use any vitamin/mineral supplementation while using the Harrisons and most of the others because this can cause a protein and/or vitamin and mineral imbalance.

When feeding the Harrisons pellets, only feed the following as treats in a separate dish: dark green leafy ones, dark yellow and orange ones like squash and baked sweet potatoes. These plus some Banana can be used on alternate days for treats in addition to her pellets. Don't feed any other kind of proteins like eggs or meat and such while feeding Harrisons as it is a complete diet, and you can add the above veggies and fruit just to break up the sameness of the meals everyday.

The Harrison's goes a long way, and be sure to buy size appropriate to your size of bird. I use the larger lifetime course grinds for my Amazons, and your little one will need a smaller grind. This site has what you will need. If you need more information about Harrisons, go directly to their site at as they have quite a lot of information out there and are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

The only other thing I can think of to say is not to feed her wet fruit as her species does not take them well and will have stomach problems. You should also be seeing the white in the stools along with the green. The gram stain vet does will tell you whether she has an infection of any kind.

Good luck

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