Alexandrine tail feathers

My one year old alexandrine parrot is a male and he is going through his first malt
Is it usual for them the loose there tail feathers and pick at them more then usual? They look really shabby
If not what can I do? Do these feathers grow back

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Oct 31, 2012
Mine also doing the same.
by: Asif Arain

Hi my male Alexandrine named Tabby 11 months
Old is moulting for the first time so it is usual
To pick tail feathers I guess, it has to grow longer
That's why they pick it first.
Any expert advice will be much appreciated thanks

Oct 30, 2012
Alexandrine tail feathers.
by: Anonymous

Birds when they molt, they have pin feathers that are cased in karatine poking thru their skin. This is very itchy to them as the pin feathers break thru the skin.

After the sheath has grown out of the skin, the bird will pick at the feathers to help remove the karatine casing that surrounds the feather itself. You will then see the feather start to fan out, and look normal.

One of the many reasons parrots love to be petted is bc it helps bring them some relief, and is a gentle way of helping to remove the karatine casing as it flakes off.

It's important to never pull the karatine casing off a new growing feather. You can damage the feather, causing the bird to bleed out. Birds dont have much blood to begin with. I can tell you personally after having dealt with my bird breaking a blood feather during play, the blood comes out pretty fast. It's important to immediately STOP the bleeding, with Stypic podwer, or with organic flour. Once you stop the bleeding, immediately take your bird to an avian vet. It's best to already have one picked out, and the number posted somewhere. This way you can get your bird to the vet before it dies. A bird can die from a broken blood feather.

The vet will then pluck out the remaining piece of feather and stop the bleeding. They will even clean the bird's blood off him. (This cost me about $125, but vet prices vary)

My avian vet says younger bird may molt allot more then normal during the first 3 yrs. My bird has been in molt since april, and it's almost Nov. now.

To help my bird with feather growth, and to prevent vitamin depletion, I give her Sunshine Factor. it also helps with skin conditioning. I also feed my bird's Roudybush pellets. It ensures my bird is kept in good health at all times.

Birds feathers sometimes tend to get shabby looking during the molt, as they are grooming that area for new feather growth. I would still however take your bird into the avian vet ensure that he is not in fact sick. Sick birds will tend to look shabby. So it's just best to get him checked.

Hope I answered your question, and gave you some info you could use.

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