Alexdrine parrot not laying eggs

by Wamiq

I have Alexdrine Pair I have keep them for hmm 4 months but i think that they have no good Friendship but now they are friends but not like that the Female one sometimes Sit with him before i have a mistake i buy a male alexindrine parrot instead of buying Female :D and then i fit the breeding box but now i sale him and now i am sure that the parrot which i have buyed is a Female so doctors told me to make their breeding box out of the cage

i do it but now after 3 months i have fitted my Breeding box but now the Female parrot is not sitting with him She keeps sitting at the edge of the breeding box and i am in to much tension that why they are not laying egggs plzz answer me as soon as possbile



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Apr 16, 2011
Alexdrine parrot not laying eggs
by: Linda

I'm not sure I understand your questions. A new bird takes a long time to get comfortable in new surroundings, food, people, pets and everything around them. The new bird is very stressed out and will only breed and lay when she is comfortable and ready. If she is not at least 2 years old, it is a mistake for her to lay eggs because she could die in egg binding because she is too young.

Both birds have to be examined by an Avian Vet before any breeding. New birds usually come with infections of various types and only an avian vet can diagnose and treat these. If you do not have your birds examined by avian vet, then babies are likely to sicken and die. You must have an Avian Vet if you are going to have birds because they do get sick or become injured. There is a link on this site for help in finding avian vet.

You also need to quiet yourself about all of this because your tension is being transferred to your birds, and they will never breed in such an atmosphere.

Thanks for writing,

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