Alfie, funny and smart

by Mark B Smith
(Holt, FL)

I rescued Alfie, my African Grey, from a family that had inherited her several months before but were unable to care for her. She was 14 years old and being kept in a cage all of the time. I have now had her about two and half years. She has become a wonderful pet and companion.

Alfie's cage is located close to my kitchen and about a year after I had got her I was at the stove cooking chicken when Alfie asked me what I was doing. I told Alfie I was cooking bird and I was going to eat bird tonight with which she immediately responded with, "meow, I love you".

What do you think? I think Alfred was saying, I'm not a bird you can't eat me.

Alfie is so smart and responds so appropriately to my comments at times, she has become a great friend and pet.

Thank you for reading I hope you have enjoyed my story about Alfie.

Thank you