Allergic to Harrison's?

by Darci

Hello, I have written a few times in regards to problems I have been having with my Sun Conure (itching all over, constant stretching, sneezing, constantly tired during the day/not sleeping at night, wheezing after short flights, gas & bubbles in droppings) and my vet now suspects she may be allergic to Harrison's. I have been feeding it to her since early February and this is when these symptoms started. Could an allergy cause these symptoms and what could it be that she is allergic to? Should I stop feeding it to her and put her back on seeds? I don't know what to do. I was planning on taking her 8 hours away to a board certified vet in another province but now that we suspect it could be an allergy to the Harrison's I am thinking of putting the trip off.

Would it be safe to take her off the Harrison's for a couple weeks and see how she is doing before proceeding with taking her to the vet 8 hours away? Also in the Harrison's Handbook for a healthier pet they list the "adult lifetime mash" as a diet for bird potentially allergic to other ingredients. Do you think this is something worth trying? And if so what is the best way to feed it. If the mash doesn't seem to help what would you recommend I feed her as I don't want to feed her exclusively seeds. Thank you for any advice!

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Apr 29, 2009
Sick sun conure
by: Lori

I have been wondering how your sun conure was doing. Did the new vet find out what was wrong? I've been following your story from the start because I have a sun conure too. I'm praying for his recovery.

Apr 19, 2009
Bird allergy to Harrison's?
by: The Vet

It is highly unlikely that your bird is allergic to Harrison's.

However, to test this theory, I recommend that you do a food elimination trial. First, switch your bird to Roudybush Rice Diet. This is a diet designed specifically for birds with food allergies. Once he is consistently eating the Rice Diet, then you take away ALL OTHER FOOD. He can eat ONLY Rice Diet for a minimum of 90 days.

You should not go back to seeds. Unless you want to do the feeding trial or just switch him to the Roudybush Rice Diet, you should leave him on the Harrison?s.

I don?t think that the life time mash is the answer to your problems.

Dr B

Apr 18, 2009
So far not so good...
by: Darci

I haven't tried any other pellets yet, the TOP are not available in my city and would have to be ordered online. So far (it has been less than 48 hours) she is still exhibiting the same behaviours and I am becoming increasingly worried.. she has let her chest feathers grow back and has now started plucking them again :( I have been hearing some gurgling noises coming from her, not sure where they are coming from.. I have to now wait for my travel cage to arrive in the mail before I can make the trip to the avian board certified vet 8 hours away, I wish I had've paid extra to have it sent faster but now I am stuck worried and waiting for it to arrive before I can make any moves... I am a mess! :(

Apr 18, 2009
by: Anonymous

There are other pellets out there that are good. One that my cockatiel likes is Totally Organics Pellets which are sold on this website. Have you taken the pellets away to see if your bird gets better? You could probably tell within days if that was the cause. Keep us updated. I have a sun conure as well and I've been following your story and wondering how your baby was doing.

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