Allergy to my Conure

by Martha
(Ohatchee, AL USA)

I have the most wonderful, loving Green Cheeked Conure in the world. Her name is Baby Doll and she's a clown. However, I have developed some serious allergy problems since getting her. My eyes get so blood-shot at times, that it looks as if they are going to bleed. Has anyone had this problem and overcome it? I can not imagine getting rid of my Baby Doll, but am worried about my vision since my eyes are most affected. Any help and suggestions will be appreciated.

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Aug 10, 2018
Dust or the Conure?
by: Anonymous

HI I have recently brought a green conure don't know if it's a boy or girl but have called him Benji on assumption of her or he being a boy.

Since having him iv been fine but when he starts flying about my nose feels like it's on fire and becomes really itchy.

Not sure what it is but have previously owned a birgie and never had this issue.

My eyes are fine but when my nose is itchy my eye line turns Red.

Was thinking the Conure is disturbing dust that might be around or he sheds a little bit.

Oct 11, 2012
Allergy to Conure
by: Martha

Thank you so much for your response Linda. I have not been to the doctor, but will make that a priority. It is good to know that most peopole aren't allergic to birds and I am so hoping that my assumption is wrong!
Thanks again!!!!

Oct 11, 2012
Allergy to my Conure
by: Linda

First of all, you did not mention if you'd gone to doctor to have yourself examined for infections or to eye doctor to see if there is a problem with your eyes.

This allergy you are suffering may very well be from you being sick, so get yourself examined for any problems with body or eyes. Once you are either well or given meds to use, then you can see if you are still "allergic" to bird or not. If so, then talk to a doctor about taking some kind of allergy relief. Do nothing without being seen by doctors.

Most people are not allergic to birds. The only birds that can aggravate a physical issue already in place like diagnosed breathing problems, are the powder down parrots. These include the Cockatiels, the Greys and the Cockatoos. All those have powder down feathers that crumble into a thick powder that coats everything including sick people's lungs.


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