Almost Owning a Pet Bird.

by Tran

The bird I would like to have.

The bird I would like to have.

Ok, I'm almost getting a bird, but I want my bird to be an advanced, not beginner. My family does have alot of money so I'm thinking of a eclectus parrot, but I read that begginers should get cockatiels, and all those boring birds. So I live in a big, quiet, and clean house.
I want a male one so I can speak to it more, and I'm planning to spend as much time with it as I can.
So should I start with the begginers,(I don't want) or a
eclectus parrot? Thanks for reading!

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May 09, 2010
Not the best idea
by: Anonymous

I agree with the others.

I worked at a pet store, and my biggest pet peeve was when people came in knowing very little about the animal that they wanted to get. I'm not saying that you know nothing, but you're not going to drive on a major highway your first time getting behind the wheel, are you?

Birds need A LOT of attention and having a lot of money and a big, clean house doesn't mean that you're ready to go buy one. I have 2 parakeets and a red-bellied. My keets have tons of personality and I love them to death! And like the one person said, go volunteer at a rescue or even work at a pet store to gain the experience and knowledge. Just remember to ALWAYS do your research!

P.S. To the other response... love the harley analogy!

May 04, 2010
by: Anonymous

I really think you need to do more research before deciding on an eclectus first.

Here is a website to start

The male does not talk more or better than the female, both male & female talk equally as well. The eclectus rivals the african grey with their talking ability & intelligence.

The eclectus needs a special diet that consists of at least an 80% natural healthy human soft food & 20% everything else including pellets & seed. That means they need a large portion of sprouts & fruit & veggies on a daily basis & a VERY large variety of this.

The smarter & larger the bird, the more likely you are to have behaviours such as screaming & feather plucking unless you do your research thoroughly! And understand the bird.

Saying you don't want small boring birds like cockatiels concerns me. I have one of those so called boring birds, as well as an eclectus & sun conure & well, the cockatiel is far from being boring. He talks up a storm & loves human company.

I do not believe people should by a bird just because they have money or want something more exotic or beautiful. ALL birds, large & boring small ones have their own personalities, are fun to be with & are only boring if you do nothing with them.

Getting an eclectus does not guarantee you will get a talker. Some simply don't want to talk & you can't make them. That is their choice. Please do yourself a favour & THOROUGHLY research the eclectus as well as other SMALLER starter birds. You do not have to start with a cockatiel, their are conures, pio's, etc you can start with. There is a great deal more you really do need to know about any parrot species & not researching them & impulse buying on any bird because you have money or they're pretty does nothing more than land them in a bird rescue 3 - 6 months down the track.

May 03, 2010
Almost Owning a Pet Bird.
by: Linda

If you've never owned a bird before, then the larger parrots including the Eclectus are not the best idea. Experience with the larger parrots is necessary. All parrots are exotic wild animals which is something people looking to buy a bird forget or don't understand. The larger the bird, the more potentially dangerous it is to an inexperienced and sometimes experienced person. All birds bite, and they are all unpredictable because of the wild part, so I think you need to backpeddle here a bit. I have a link to some information about deciding what kind of bird is right for you, and MONEY IS NOT A FACTOR IN A DECISION LIKE THIS. All the money in the world cannot buy you experience. Only doing your homework, learning and starting with smaller parrots will give you this experience. Here is link to information you MUST read before making any decision:

The reason people have to be very careful about what bird they get is that most of these birds end up in bad homes during their long lives. If you get the WRONG BIRD FOR YOU, then you'll want to GET RID OF IT. This happens a lot with parrots, and most of them end up in neglectful, abusive homes, and the more they are moved, the worse their behaviors get which means more neglect and abuse. It is a never-ending cycle, and the "buck" stops with you and anyone thinking of owning a parrot. They are wild animals, potentially very dangerous, not toys and not babies. They are extremely intelligent and will go to maximum extremes to get what they want and need including tearing everything up in a home, biting, screaming and so on.An unhappy bird will terrorize everyone in the home.

Read the info I gave you and then really think seriously about this because THIS IS SERIOUS, AND YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHATEVER BIRD YOU BRING IN. You cannot throw them away or give them to just anybody because you made a mistake. Take your time and keep learning.


May 03, 2010
no expert
by: Anonymous

Its like buying a Sportster and then realizing you can handle a Superglide. Go spend some time at the rescue near you and see who you relate to. Who takes to you. I love the big birds. Teils are messy and my Amazon is a tidy old bird. And please try to adopt. Just my opinion. People don't realize how hormonal birds are. And how many years it takes before they get nuts and then get normal again. The colors are amazing at the pet store but you don't want to start out with a Cockatoo. Google rescues in your area and you will be amazed at whats out there for you to fall in love with. Good luck.

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