aloe vera for budgies

by rhea choudhary
(india , new delhi)

hi , this is a really confusing me as sometimes people say aloe vera is good for budgies( skin and all of the aloevera) and some people are telling me its a very toxic plant. and i have even fed my budgie aloe vera but no toxic effect whatsoever (hopefully till now , nothing has happened) . so please tell me if its safe or not as its really confusing me!

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Aug 17, 2011
Facts about Aloe
by: Anonymous

Aloe vera has been found on some toxic plant lists because of a fine yellow sap that lays between the leaf & the aloe gel. This sap has been known to cause stomach irritations. It is not toxic, just can cause discomfort to only some individual parrots. The stomach irritation is extremely mild. All parrots should be allowed to enjoy the benefits of aloe gel, aloe plant, aloe juice on a daily basis.

My birds will eat the whole aloe plant. You will also find that the yellow sap is only in much older aloe plants with larger leaves. If your plant is small, young or the leaves are fairly young the yellow sap will either be not there at all or barely there & not worth the worry.

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