Alone time for a Parrotlet

by Morgan
(Las Vegas)

I recently moved into my first aparetment and all I have are fish. I grew up on a farm so its verfy weird for me to not have a bunch of critters running around. I live by myself and am wanting something to interact with when I get off work. I have always wanted a sun conure but I have since discovered that they are screamers (I don't want my neighbors to hate me). A friend of mine suggested that I look at getting a parrotlet. I am just concerned that I spend so much time at work that I won't be able to provide the time and attention that it needs. On average I spend about 9 hours a day, 6 days a week, away from home. Is a parrotlet a bad idea in my situation?

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Jun 11, 2012
Alone Time
by: Anonymous

Since you work so much and are away from home most of the time, maybe a bird is not the right choice for a pet. Most birds are like having a small child and require a lot of attention and time spent with them. Now don't get me wrong, lots of bird owners work and spend time away from home, it has to do with the routine you establish with your pet. I am home most of the day but when I'm not I leave the radio or TV on to keep him company. So far I haven't had any complaints from my neighbors that the bird is too noisy when I'm not at home. I had a bird that was 80 years old when it passed away, having gone through my grandmother, my mother and then me. So unlike cats, dogs, or any other animal, a bird is a pet for life.

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