Aluminum versus Stainless steel cages

by Lynn
(Charleston, WV)

Which would be better for a new Timneh African Grey? An aluminum or stainless steel cage? Has anyone had any experience with the new aluminum cages yet?

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Dec 21, 2016
Aluminum cages are not toxic
by: Anonymous

Aluminum cages are not toxic to birds. Aluminum is ubiquitous in the environment and one of the most common and abundant metals in the wild - particularly in soil.
The trace exposure to a bird living in an aluminum cage is nothing compared to the aluminum they would consume in the wild as a result of foraging (eating worms with soil in their gut, or soil sticking onto the fur/feathers of prey).

Toxicological information on aluminum toxicity in birds is hard to come by, because it is generally considered non-toxic.

Aug 25, 2015
Aluminum vs SS Cages
by: Anonymous

Have had both aluminum and stainless steel. Overtime stainless steel does rust. I currently own two aluminum cages, travel cages Have had for several years. They are like new. No scratches no rust. Easy to clean Will be buying big cage soon. They are Kings cages. Expensive but well worth money. Will last a lifetime. (Bird, not you)

Jan 10, 2015
important point about aluminum
by: Anonymous

i am currently debating between aluminium and stainless steel for my meyer's parrot. i am also a wildlife biologist with some background in ecotoxicology. just wanted to correct some misinformation here (and as yet, i have no opinion one way or the other - i'm trying to figure out how easy to clean aluminium cages are). the aluminium cages i've seen are made by king's cages. they are NOT TOXIC. their aluminium undergoes a process of anodising that renders it extremely durable, perhaps even more so than stainless steel, but it remains much more lightweight. the anodising process also ensures that parrots won't be able to ingest the aluminium. although i suppose a cage could be constructed out of regular aluminium, i don't really see how the bars could possibly be rigid enough to withstand even a small parrot's beak without undergoing anodisation. aluminium is simply too soft.

Apr 19, 2010
by: Anonymous

Without YELLING about some things :) I agree with Linda about aluminum cages. If your cage is for an AG then stick with the stainless steel. Here's some info for you on the 2 metals when it comes to parrots:

Aluminum is a soft metal and by many considered as safe for birds. However few studies indicated that some birds' species in aluminum-laden habitats with high Aluminum diet have elevated aluminum level in bones and laid deformed eggs with soft shells leading to reduced hatchability. Other studies bring concerns with bone grows and body weight gain in growing chicks with elevated aluminum in the diet. So it's probably more safe not to let your parrot put his beak on aluminum stuff around your house and to avoid it in bird's toys (just as mere precaution - you never know what reaction your particular bird will have)

Most of parrot aluminum toxicity cases that were documented connected to heated aluminum foil - which is mostly attributed to fumes from its non-stick polymer additives.

Stainless Steel (SS)- is very hard material, that will not shave or scrape easily, will not rust under normal indoor conditions. It doesn't require any coating, plating or paint, very easy to take care for - you can power wash (just remove your beloved bird!:) and wipe the cage dry - basically nothing to worry about. Couple comments on Stainless Steel:

Some stainless steels may stain and rust if left in humid acidic environment for prolong time or if bird's droppings accumulate in some places that also keep moisture;

I don't really know what various $$ cages are like anywhere else in the world but you can get cheap good quality cages in some places. There is one specific place I buy some of my cages from. They're extremely cheap compared to most places & their cages are of excellent quality so, you just need to know what to look for in a good quality cage & where to get one from, but cheap does not always mean it's bad quality.

Apr 18, 2010
by: Lori

My Grey is in a stainless steel cage. Its his 4th and last cage. He came in a rusted small gold cage. Then I bought a larger powder coated but it still wasn't large enough so I got a larger stronger powder coated cage but it rusted so I bought a huge stainless steel cage with a removable play top (except the playtop is to heavy to take off). Its easy to clean and large enough for all his toys. I have since replaced my other two birds cages with stainless steel.

Apr 18, 2010
Aluminum versus Stainless steel cages
by: Linda

All I know about aluminum is that it is highly toxic to humans, birds, dogs, cats and just about every living thing on the planet. It oxidizes continually, and the stuff coming off the shiny part is poison. If you want a good cage, you can either go with the more expensive stainless steel cage or with one of the powder-coated ones. Just make sure to get the stats on where the powder coat paint was tested in the US so you can see if the lead/zinc levels are safe. Cages made in the UK and China are supposed to send samples of their powder coat paint to the US for testing. Make sure you have that information. (The cages sold on this site have been tested in the US.) The Chinese are now using Cadmium in the Zinc as it is cheaper to make, and Cadmium is a fast acting carcinogen and zinc is poison for birds as is lead. So, if you can afford one of the larger Amazon-size stainless steel cages, you can't go wrong there as they are easy to clean and stay in good shape for a very long time. If you are getting anything smaller than an Amazon cage for one of the larger Amazons, you are getting a cage too small for your Grey, so you'll need to rethink your plan.

Stay away from the aluminum mess as there is NO way they can make them where they are not poison, and this includes even the powder coated ones as the powder coat eventually starts to chip leaving the base metal for the bird to put its mouth and feet on.They are selling them because aluminum is cheap, and you WILL GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR HERE AND THAT IS CHEAP AND DANGEROUS.

Thanks for writing,

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