Always wants to come inside the bathroom!

I have a female Macaw and always wants to go into the bathroom and when she does she is always sitting on the bathroom mat and just chews on it.... any answers to this would help please.

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Feb 18, 2012
Bird chewing carpet in bathroom
by: Tracie

Problem #1 is that you allow your bird to walk around on the floor. The dye in carpets is toxic, there could be other toxic items in the carpet too. The bird could get stuck somewhere under or behind an item also.

I know of a bird that died due to chewing a hole under a couch and crawling up into it and getting stuck. I know of another bird that flew over to a coffee table and landed on a frame that fell over. Somehow the bird slipped off before the frame fell and it broke bones on the bird, it eventually died. There is another report of a bird licking the metal on a ceiling fan, the owner didn't realize her bird had toxic poisoning and delayed in taking her bird to the vet. The bird died.

All this to say, what you need to do is create a bird safe room if you wish for your bird to roam around. This is my solution to your bird chewing the carpet. Birds chew things, it is just what they do. Maybe it likes the texture or maybe it is just fun.

Our Toxic / Non-toxic for birds list just scratches the surface for toxic items, but it may be a good start to help you make a bird safe room.

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