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Jun 28, 2008
Green Cheeks
by: Anonymous

I had two Senegals They came together as a pair, the female died like 2 years later, So i went and bought another female, first i caged them side by side for weeks, then i let the female out of her cage to roam both cages on the outside, i never opened his cage,This went on for weeks, then i opened his cage thought i would try both being loose together. he kept chasing her off the cages very aggressive towards her. So i put her back in her cage left him run the out side of both cages then i went back to turning them both loose again.

Finally one day they went in the same cage together and bonded and produced two babies.The male developed Cancer and went blind He had to be put down. Then i got a young male Now she took right to him no problem. they feed each other all the time. and get along so good. Some breeds the male is the boss, others it the female. But id be very cautious they can hurt or kill the other. Parrots are very territorial of there cages. so be cautious and Good Luck

Sep 28, 2007
adding birds to the home.
by: kasey

Obtaining a second or third bird is not really an issue as long as you keep this thought in mind. They may never like each other and may always have to be kept in separate cages. GC tend to get alone with other Conures, but group of males will co-habitate better than any combination of opposite sex birds.

In your position I would have the birds dna sexed. If you go with one additional bird ensure you have only one male and one female OR both males. If you purchase three make sure all are males or you will have fighting.

Sep 27, 2007
Depends on the gender
by: Kim

You didn't discuss the sex of Ringo at all. I don't think it is a question of how many so much as what sex.

Here is my uneducated take on the situation:
George and Ringo - same sex, didn't get along.

Ringo and first friend - Same sex? Didn't get along.

Ringo and birds being baby sat. Ringo one sex, both of the other birds opposite sex.

As I said this is just a guess, but I have seen it happen before. Even with young babies, they know what sex the other one is even if we don't. Even with two birds of of different species, I've seen it happen.

Two birds of the opposite sex will get along better than two birds of the same sex. Sometimes they will bond with another same species bird of the same sex if they don't have a choice. This does seem to work better with two females as oppose to two males, but over all will choose the opposite sex over the same sex.

My advice is to have the birds sexed and buy a baby of the opposite sex. Keep them in separate cages until it is obvious both birds want to be together. They don't have to have physical contact during the day to keep each other company.

Kim McCracken
Eggcentric Aviary

Sep 26, 2007
Two birds????
by: Luisa

You can't always count on birds becoming friendly. If you get both of them, they may bond to each other and Ringo may or may not join in. As long as you don't mind the possibility of two cages, then I would go for it. Also, after a while, all three birds may be friends but will still want separate cages. You will have to play it by ear.

Sep 26, 2007
Get 2
by: Anonymous

Dear Don,
I am a member of the Green Cheek list & remember your dilemna regarding how many to get. I think you have carefully evaluated the situation & put a lot of thought into your decision.
I personally would recommend getting two conures. It will take time for Ringo to adjust to the new ones and he might not ever want to share a cage with them. But I think the company - even in a separate cage - in the same room would be good.

I have read that conures are sociable birds - not like some others parrots like poicephalus, etc. who only want to be THE bird and the only one.

I don't think you should rehome any of them & don't think you would need too. As long as Ringo remains first in flock order & still receives attention from you it should okay.


Sep 26, 2007
Am I making a mistake
by: Anonymous

I don't see how anyone else can help you make a logical decision because we know only what you have here and nothing else about you and Ringo. This is a decision that I feel is best made by you alone. You should never get a bird as a friend for a bird you already have but rather because you want the bird. If they don't get along you will have more birds and basically the same situation with the original bird.

Sep 26, 2007
GC companion
by: Anonymous

Hi Don,
You do have a big problem. I have a pair of Sennies and my male is just like is just like Ringo. We ended up have to get a new cage and seperate them because of fear of the male hurting the female. Anyway, we introduced a red head conure and had some problems with the male. He has no problem getting mad at both females and taking it out on them and us at the same time.After five months we still have to watch them close when they are both out together. And if we catch him before he gets to the red head, he takes a bit out of us. My thought is with your problem, is that Ringo may come to sort of get along with the new babies, but I wouldn't have them in the same cage at all. As for the birdie back pack, you may have to take seperate trips.
As oposed to getting new babies, you could try getting some of those CD's that have bird calls on them to play while your at work. If she isn't showing signs of a problem with George gone this might be a better way to go instead of loosing the new bond you are getting with her.

Sep 26, 2007
Companion for Ringo
by: Debbi

Hi Don,

First, my condolences on the loss of George. I know that is very sad.

Second, I think you have the right idea. Get another (or more) bird, but keep them in seperate cages. Especially since Ringo is so possesive of you. That way you can have individual one-on-one time with them and also supervised together time.

That is what I do with my Cinnamon GC and my Hahn's Macaw and it works beautifully. My Hahn's is possesive so the individual time works well. Then in the evening we have group time and, since I'm there to keep the peace, it works very well.

There's no reason to have to keep them all in the same cage. I keep my cages close (about two feet), so they have the company. They can preen and play, etc. when I'm right there in the evening during our "Happy Hour."

My birds are happier having their own space. They don't get lonely, but they also don't get stressed when one starts having a hissy fit and they have no place to escape!!

Good luck on your decision, but I'd get another bird.


Sep 26, 2007
My Opinion
by: Michelle

I think it would be fine to get 2 babies and keep them in a separate cage. That way Ringo will not be alone, but is alone. None of my birds have been more than one to a cage. I originally had 2 different species birds each in different cages. One died and the other one just hung his head, wouldn't eat, wouldn't make a noise. After a few days I decided to get another bird. It was the best thing I ever did for my original bird. He perked up immediately and lived a long happy life. I know that more cages take up more space, and if you like to take them out all together, that could be a problem. It really depends on what works, and sometimes you make more than one try to get it right. Whatever happens, remember, it will all work out somehow.

Good luck to you.

Sep 26, 2007
getting a replacement GC
by: Win

Hi Don

I would not get another fid just to keep Ringo company. If he is fine alone and not seeming to be mourning. Just make sure he has enough toys in his cage to keep him occupied while you are gone.

Sep 26, 2007
Been there (sort of)
by: Rynn


I have a greencheek we brought home as a three month old as a friend for my Sun Conure. We were VERY lucky, and they (mostly) adore each other. I know people who have multiple greenies and it works great, and others who are stretched between three birds that hate each other.

As long as you're aware of the potential for that kind of behavior, I think you've actually laid out most of the scenarios, and I certainly don't think it would be a horrible idea to get the two together.

Sep 26, 2007
My opinion
by: Anonymous

Don, I think it is great that you are asking for help! You are very thoughtful.

As you know, everything is so unknown with your situation. You just won't know until the time comes how the birds will act around each other.

I brought home another bird for my GC because we thought she was lonely. They did not get along for a couple of months, but eventually the got to where they would share a cage. Both still prefer us to each other, but they preen and cuddle when we are not around.

Bringing home 2 birds is a safer bet, but you still don't know that Ringo will get along with either of them. Just make sure that you bring the other two birds home at the same time and that they will live together.

So, I don't feel to give you a direction, just more food for thought.

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