Am I the right owner for my GCC?

by Sue
(Marysville, WA, USA)

I have had my GCC since August. He is a very sweet, playful fella (I think he's a "he" although I've not had him sexed). The trouble is, I work full time from afternoon to midnight, and also during the day I often have errands or appointments to go to that take me away for long periods of time, so consequently I really don't get to spend more than a couple of hours a day with him. My boyfriend works full time too, so basically there's nobody about to really spend time with him.

I really would consider getting another bird for companionship for him, but then I get worried that if they didn't get along I'd have TWO birds with the same problem! I have been thinking maybe I should either return him to the shop I bought him from or try to sell him with an ad, because I think he deserves to be in a home with someone who has more time to spend with him. Or am I just worrying over nothing? I would also feel bad that he might miss me or feel rejected. I just don't know what to do!

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Feb 26, 2013
Doesn't need to be another conure.
by: Anonymous

I had a Cockatiel and a parakeet and they were best of friends they had separate cages but chose themselves to share one. Every morning the Tiel would sing his love song (we called it) to his little buddy. It was a distinct whistling tune only sung at mornings and to his friend...and it was so lovely. 9 yrs and the worst thing happened the Tiel got out the front door! Won't even go into the heartbreak! We let a few months go by and Tiny (parakeet) started to sing again, he had stopped singing altogether for a while... We chose to get him a friend was only going to get another parakeet but a GCC chose us! At this pet store the parrots have freedom to mingle with other birds and the people who come in...and this GCC went to my daughter and would keep going back to her every time we would place him back with his birdie friends. Well that was it. He chose us. Then there seriously was an INSTANT connection between Chili (GCC) and Tiny they bonded at once and have been birdie besties from the start. I have been so blessed with all my animal babies they ALL get along beautifully. A chihuahua a Pomeranian and the two birds will all lay together on the couch in the morning sunlight! I kid you not! Anyway my point is you can get a parakeet friend for you GCC. They may not turn into BFF's like mine but they will do wonders for one another keeping each other company. Do NOT put them into the same cage! Not even if you think they may want to be! I or someone else is home 24/7 with my birds so if there was ever an issue we were here to fix any squabbles! They can play together hopefully when they have out of cage time when you are with them but always put then back into their own cages. (And don't get a mirror toy especially for parakeet as they LOVE to talk the handsome bird they see in the mirror! They may not want to try to be friends then with you or your GCC!) but get plenty of other toys for both birds and switch them in and out every week. So it's always new and fun! That's my story and thoughts on your issue at hand. GCC are much more expensive so this is a way you may want to go and I wanted you to know it worked for me!
(We even now have a giant Blue and Gold Macaw, Zeke, we took in when his owner recently died...he is 17)
Good luck to you and please post again and let us know how things are going!

Feb 26, 2013
Am I the right owner for my GCC?
by: Sandra D Singh

Hi Sue,
It's very nice and thoughtful of you to think about your bird's welfare. I'd say that if you can afford it, you should get a companion for him.
Imagine, ALL DAY and EVERYDAY he's ALONE, except for a FEW hours when you're there; don't you think that he'd feel very lonely? Getting another bird to keep him company while you're away is a very wise idea as you have already thought. Sue, even though you were at home all day, it would be better for HIM if he would've a feathered friend; someone like himself.
I'm not suggesting that you let two birds stay together in one cage, of course NO; they'd have their separate cages. They'd be out ONLY when you're at home so they can be together and play. When you're leaving your home, you'd put them back into their OWN cages. Although they'd be in separate cages, they'd see one another and would not feel alone. You'd then have two happy birds instead of one lonely bird; think about this please.
It would be very comforting for him to see another bird although in a cage, beside him; he'd then look forward and value the time spent with you and he'll be happier. Our birds loves us so much BUT they would appreciate friends like themselves much more than us. Take care of your lovely bird and PLEASE Sue, make him the happiest that you could. Birds are already locked up in a home all day and all night so it's OUR DUTY to let them get as much happiness as they can.

ALL birds that I've EVER owned, always had alot of freedon to fly in my home, I would ONLY closed their cages when they should sleep and if I would go shopping etc. I take them to the park in THEIR Wagon, I take them by the lake and do many things to make them happy. ALL my birds eat at least one meal at my dining table together with me every single day. My parrot even learnt to wipe his beak with a tissue after eating his rice. I had taught him and I've pictures of him doing it. Almost everything they do I've pictures and I also have pictures of them on OUR Swing in the balcony. They love to swing and listen to THEIR music; yes they've their own music and tv etc.
I try to make them very happy and I'm very pleased to say that I think that are. God bless them all for sharing their unconditional love with me and making my life happier. I wrote all of this ONLY because I would like people to know that birds are precious and they should be treated like Precious Little Angels. If I can help even ONE person to make a bird happier with this information I'll be very happy and pleased. (email information removed)
Sue, I wish you and your bird the very best, take care of your bird and God bless you both.

Sandra D Singh.

Feb 26, 2013
Right owner for your GCC?
by: Tracie

I believe you are sweet to ask and that means you probably do a better job than many bird owners of loving your bird when you are there! Kudos

It does seem that the bird may be lonely, especially if you don't have or take the time to spend time in before and after work every day.

As Linda said, I would get another bird if you can afford the bird, the cage, the toys, the food and the avian vet bills. It is just my opinion, since I can't talk to birds and understand them, that it would be best to purchase another conure, even if it isn't a GCC.

Please study up on any bird you may purchase and spend time at the breeder's place to see if you can deal with the mess, noise etc. and if you and the bird "connect."

Thanks for writing!

Feb 26, 2013
Am I the right owner for my GCC?
by: Linda

Your situation is why we encourage people to think through their decision to get a bird in the first place. Even dogs and cats need time and attention, and absent caretakers are not the best homes for them either.

Here is what I suggest. Get another bird, and you will have to cage this bird in its own cage. Never put two strange birds together in the same cage because this is not how it's done. The new bird will need to be examined by an Avian Vet BEFORE you bring it home to your bird because of the danger of new bird having infections and your present bird will catch whatever new bird has which will mean two birds to Avian Vet instead of one. Make sure you keep the new bird out of your home until he has either been cleared for bacterial/viral infections and have some basic bloodwork done to see how organs are functioning. Make arrangements to board new bird with avian vet until he is either cleared or has been given the correct meds for the alloted time.

A new cage needs to be bought and set up before new bird comes home so it can go into it right away.

Also, if you did not have your other bird examined by an Avian Vet in August, he will also need to be examined for infections to make sure new bird is not infected with something your already bird has. We suggest these exams be done within the first few days we have a new bird in our home because most come from pet stores with infections and from some breeders as well. They can also be sick coming from a private home if bird has been neglected.

Work ONLY with an Avian Vet as dog and cat vets are not licensed or trained in the care of birds.

My opinion is that you made the decision to bring your bird into your home, and you are now responsible for his health and well being. Moving around is something that hurts birds, and your bird will have to have a complete exam with an Avian Vet to be cleared for infections or other physical problems before even considering selling him. Good homes for birds are hard to find, so if you can make this work, you will be giving your bird a wonderful gift of a stable, loving home.

Let us know how this goes and hold to your commitment to your bird and the new bird as well.


Feb 26, 2013
Thanks, that does make me feel better!
by: Sue

I do give him plenty of toys to keep him occupied, and change them out regularly, and of course plenty of food and fresh water. I have a radio in the room, I can start leaving that on for him too. Might make him feel better. I also thought about getting a small mirror that I can take out whenever I'm there or we're around, and put in when we're gone. He seems pretty happy when I'm home, and he recognizes me when I come in and is always excited to see me. I am reassured by your comments, thank you!

Feb 26, 2013
Right owner for GCC
by: Anonymous

You are so kind to feel this way and worry about your bird and companionship. You are right in questioning the possibility of another bird because the two might not get along and you will have double the trouble. Most people that own birds are unable to spend all day with them. When I leave the house I put the radio on for my bird.

The time you are at home, keep the bird in the room that you are in so it feels close to you. I leave the cage door open so my bird can come out if she wishes, but she mostly sits on top of the cage and watches what I'm doing. We have a routine every morning when I uncover her and feed, water and clean the cage. We also have a nighttime routine before bed and when she starts sqwaking "go sleep" I know it's time to cover her.

Birds do require a lot of care and attention, but like I said, not many people are able to be there 24/7. As long as you establish a routine, spend quality time and love your birdie, it will be fine. Please don't feel like you are doing it a disservice by not being there.

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