Amanda - help ID white bird

by Amanda
(Dublin 22)

hi i just got a parrot and dont know what type it is its all white with a red beak it has orange around the eyes its about8 or 9 inchs long frm tail to head i have a budgie 5yrs but dont know much about parrots so if any1 could help me id be very greatfull thank you :o)

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Apr 01, 2011
Ringneck parakeet
by: Anonymous

That is a white (or albino depending on eye color) ringneck parakeet! Be sure to socialize her well, as these birds tend to be very nippy and "in charge" type birds. When the bird is about 16 months-2 yrs old you will be able to physically see the sex of the bird... If it has a dark ring around its neck it is a male, but if it stays just all white it is a female. (however if it is albino not sure if color will ever change, i would look into that) these birds come in such a variety of colors, whites are more rare so you are fortunate!

Apr 01, 2011
Amanda - help ID white bird
by: Linda

You have a white Indian Ringneck Parakeet who is very beautiful.

You need to get busy learning all you can about birds including about healthy diets, what kind of cage is best and safe, using safe wood natural branch perches to give feet a rest and safe toys. Your Budgie and Ringneck will not be able to have the same size perches or toys, so make sure perches for your new bird are the correct size as well as toys being big enough. Never give a larger bird a smaller bird's toys because the small toys have small parts that can choke the larger bird to death as it is very easy for them to take small toys apart.

There are some books on this site and a wealth of information on the internet about both your Budgie and Indian Ringneck Parakeet, so please get busy learning about your pets so you can take the best care of them.

Also, find an Avian(bird) Vet in your area and have your new bird checked out for infections within the first week because new birds have been moved around a lot, and the stress of all that can cause them to get infections or other physical problems. We recommend yearly visits for all birds to Avian Vet to keep birds healthy and happy.

Thanks for writing and for the lovely pictures,

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