Amazon and pellets

by Janet
(Durban, South Africa)

I was given a blue fronted Amazon as a Christmas present. He/She is about 8-9 weeks old. When should I start introducing pellets, nuts, fruit into his/her diet?

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Jan 07, 2010
Amazon and pellets
by: Linda

You were unclear as to whether you're still handfeeding your bird or not. If you are, then you can START the weaning process while still giving the baby formula twice a day, then as he eats more, down to once a day. You can begin the weaning process now, and get some organic, high quality pellets that do not have dyes or preservative in them. Tracie has several kinds out here, and baby birds like different shapes and textures, so you may wish to buy small sizes of several to get started. Your bird will eventually pick the one or two he likes the best or you can just pick one or two. We feed our Amazons Harrison's Lifetime Course Grind, and also use their Birdy Bread mixes. Buy the organic Red Palm Oil Tracie has out here to put in the bread mix, and it stores up to a week in refrigerator and up to 6 months in freezer. I bake a batch, cut it up and wrap in plastic wrap, and then double bag it in zip lock freezer bags to make sure it gets no freezer burn. We take it out as needed to thaw and warm to room temperature. Organic pellets have to be stored in refrigerator and a meal's worth taken out to warm to room temperature. Do not put anything in microwave to warm up as microwave destroys vitamins, minerals and consistency of food.

You can introduce baby to very small amounts of apple, banana, baked squash and sweet potato to get started on the fruit and veggie. These should be only minor parts of a bird's diet, so keep portions small as you want him to get started filling up with the pellets and Birdy Bread.

You need to continue handfeeding him with syringe or spoon for as long as it takes him to be able to feed himself. Most baby birds, when moved, revert back to being handfed babies, for a while, so be prepared to handfeed him with a spoon or syringe for a while longer until you see him eating enough on his own. Tracie carries the baby parrot handfeeding formula out here, and your new baby will need some until he is fully weaned. Weaning is a process and cannot be rushed too much or it can cause physical and emotional damage to baby birds.

Thanks for writing,

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