Amazon - Bad Day's

by Graham

I have a yellow shouldered amazon and he (or she) is about 3.5 years old. My wife and I both raised him and he has bonded strongly to me. He normally does not let anyone else pick him up if he is with me, he will often fly back to me if they take him away. I take him out as often as I can, and he never has a problem with me.

The problem is, is that every now and then when he goes to my wife, he turns on me completly. He will fan out his tail and raise all of his feathers. He lunges at me with an aggression I have never seen before. He will actualy chase me to bite me, and it really hurts! After he has been in his cage for several hours he starts to calm down again, and I can take him out again and he seems fine. Why is he acting this way? Is there anything I can do?

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Jul 27, 2010
Amazon - Bad Day's
by: Linda

Well, it sounds like you have a male Amazon on his merry way to puberty! Usually, at puberty, males bond with the human female and females bond with human male. I say usually, because I had a Blue Front Amazon hen I nursed back to health from a serious case of illness from neglect, and she would allow me to pick her up and would go for husband which was the opposite of what I said above (LOL!) Everytime you think you have them all figured out, one will crash the house of cards.

So, what I think is happening here is possibly he is now coming into puberty, and if he is a male, and the display you described is 100% male Amazon, he may decide to switch to your wife as his favorite. Parrots are exotic wild animals, so ALWAYS be on the alert as an excited one can bite anyone at anytime for any reason. All parrots have the potential to be dangerous and inflict some serious injury. Amazons can be some of the most ferocious of the parrot families. Never allow him near your or your wife's face or on the shoulder where he has access to face.

I suggest you both take turns feeding, watering and cleaning him up. This way, he may begin to see you both as the equals you are and get over this.

I'd also take him to an Avian Vet for an exam to make sure he is not harboring any infections and have some basic bloodwork done to make sure his kidneys, liver, thyroid and parathyroid are functioning correctly. Once he has a clean bill of health, there are some training materials on this site you may wish to look at so you and your wife can begin training him to behave with both sexes as this is important if anyone else ever has to take care of him for you.

Feel free to write back anytime about anything as we are here for you and your bird and enjoy helping any way we can.


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