Amazon beak too long?

by veronica langrell

I am concerned that my lovely amazon boys beak is too long.he is 1year old. how can I find out and what can I do about it?

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Sep 02, 2008
Amazon Beak too long
by: Kralice4u

Call around to find a vet that works with birds and take him there. Please do not attempt to adjust his beak yourself.

Sep 02, 2008
beak length
by: Anonymous

Take him to a vet to see if the beak is too long and let the vet file it for you. Birds bleed easily and have no clotting factor. If you trim their nails it would be best with an ealectric drill that has a file on it. The nails will also bleed if you file them too short. It's best to keep steptic whichclots blood. (men often use this when theynick their face shaving). If you can't find it at a good pet supply store then baking powder does the same thing. Good luck! Be careful!

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