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Oct 09, 2010
Amazon behavior problems
by: Linda

First, may I suggest that you take your bird to an Avian Vet in your driving area. He needs to be checked out for infections, parasites and basic bloodwork done to make sure his organs are functioning properly. Take him ONLY to an Avian Vet as dog and cat vets are not licensed or trained in the care, diagnosis and treatment of birds and sometimes kill them trying to do something they have no knowledge of.

Next, you need to do a lot more study on basic parrot behavior and emotional/mental development of parrots. Your bird is suffering from loss of a person he loved and trusted. Birds grieve the loss of a loved one just like we do, and they feel the full range of emotions we feel. It will take time for him to accept his loss and be ready to love and trust another person. Your husband MUST also learn about parrots if this is to work, because the bird is relying on him right now for comfort. Do not consider moving him to another place as he has not had time to finish grieving and has not yet accepted his loss. Each move will make matters worse, and this bird needs a stable environment with loving, caring people who have made a commitment to his health and well being.

He will take however long he takes to finish the steps of grieving, so do not try and rush him. A trip to an Avian Vet is the most important thing for him you can do right now. It is not unusual for grieving, lost birds to become sick with some kind of infection because the stress level is very high during this time. The fact he has already been moved twice is not a good thing, and you can now provide a solid, safe home for him, so he can finish all the steps of grieving he has to complete. Humans go through basic steps after the loss of a loved one, namely denial that it happened and thinking loved one will come back, after that comes anger because loved one is not coming back and has abandoned him, later, with your help comes acceptance and after that he will be able to move on and bond with you and your husband. Please take this time to do a lot of reading about parrots in general and the Amazons in particular. They are independent thinking birds normally, and as he progresses, he will become less dependent on you emotionally though he will still need lots of love and attention.Remember that trust is earned not freely given by any parrot to a human. Earn his trust by being calm and committed to him 100%. Your reward is a beautiful, loving, interesting and empathetic friend for life.

Let us know how everything goes and what the Avian Vet has to say. Give this bird all the reassurances you can to let him know that all is well, and he is going to be okay now that he's with you. He has lost the most important person in his life, and you must understand this on all levels before you can help him. Give him space and allow him to be with your husband.Allow him to fully recover from his grief and allow him to bond with you in his own time and not yours.


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