Amazon bird behavor

by cathy
(monroe mi)

i have just adopted an 20 year old red loard amazon he has resently been abused by people who broke in to were i got him from , plus i believe he had a bad life so far from what i was told , he seemed to be taken with me and no one else could get close so i brought him home he was doing great he would step up wanted me to scatch his head, then all of a sudden he wants nothing to do with me i have only had him about 3 days but i cant figer out the behavore diffrence, is this common for a bird to do.

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Nov 21, 2011
Amazon bird behavor
by: Linda

The first thing to do with any kind of rescue bird, and he is one of them is to make an appointment with an Avian Vet in your driving area and have him checked out for infections or other physical issues. This means weighed to make sure he is at a healthy weight, basic bloodwork done to see if his organs are working properly and to see if he shows signs of viral infection. This has to be done before any training can be done because a sick bird can die from the stress of being handled.

Once he's been examined and either cleared for physical issues or given meds, and he's well, then there are some training materials on this site you can look at. He's had a hard time of it, so take him to avian vet first and then go from there. Keep in mind that Amazons do not like a whole lot of touching and petting, and they will start biting if you push them to do this. They enjoy some head scratching and maybe a little back pet or two, and then they are done. To push them to go against their nature's will get you nowhere. The object here is to gain his trust, and this takes a long time as it is earned and not freely given. You may feel like you're his best friend, and he sees you as just another human he may be hurt or neglected by. See this from his point of view, and you'll both benefit.

Keep in touch as we are here to help you both settle into a healthy rewarding relationship.


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