amazon hurt his leg

by Richard
(Albuquerque, NM)

My Amazon Yellow Nape is usually in good health. But last night I knowticed he was limping. He will not put weight on his hurt foot and still limping today. I'm not sure how it happened. Is there anything I can do?

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Aug 18, 2011
additional info about amazon
by: Richard

I took him to an Avian Vet. Luckily there are four vets in Albuquerque that are part of the Association of Avian Veterinarians.

He was ex-rayed and we found that He broke the tip of the little needle bone next to the big done in his lower leg. All those who have eaten a chicken leg know which bone I am refering to. This bone break did not recieve a splint. Guess it is like a fractured little toe?!
Anyway he got a medication that reduce swelling and pain and He should feels better in four weeks Although, he seems alittle better already. Perhaps just my anxiety level is down.
Poor little darling!

Aug 16, 2011
Amazon limping
by: Tracie

Dr B can not tell you what you can do without examining your bird and possibly x-raying the leg or foot.

Please Find an Avian Vet for your bird to find out if this is an injury or something internally wrong causing this and what the proper treatment should be.

Sometimes tumors inside, pressing on nerves, will cause birds to limp.

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