Amazon laying eggs

by Karen Riley
(Las Vegas, NV)

why is my 30 year old yellow nape layng eggs. this has never happened before (has been raised as a male)

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Jan 19, 2014
11 year old Amazon lays eggs
by: Pat, Jefferson, GA

Hi, my 11 year old parrot, Lucy, laid her first egg three days ago. Yesterday, we found another egg. Will she continue to lay eggs? How many is she likely to lay? If she lays again, what is the bird's cycle like? Thanks for any input you can give.


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Mar 05, 2012
We have a 30 yr old egg layer, too.
by: Donna

Our 30 yr old yellow nape laid her first large egg with blood on it and it horrified my roommate and I as much as it did the bird. We took her to the vet and she put antibiotic ointment up her canal. and we took her back and she was xrayed and treated again with ointment. she seems ok, but, still acts like she wants to mate, so we are trying to put her to bed ealier than usual and not let her go into her little dark holes in boxes, etc. that she likes to do. We were advised against this. so we are so worried it will continue? and how old before she will not do this, we are so concerned. any advice? thanks so much. we spent the winter in las vegas and just got back 2 wks ago. thanks again, donna

Jan 27, 2011
Amazon laying eggs
by: Linda

OOOPS! Sorry about that one and hope you named "him" an either/or name like Charlie or Rosie or something. I had this happen with a Macaw years ago, and had named "him" Sherlock which was reduced to Sherl after that. I still refer to the bird as "he".

If your Amazon is alone, the eggs are clear and make sure to remove most of them if they are being laid in bottom of cage because there is a possibility of Salmonella poisoning from eggs tainted with feces from cage bottoms. If she is not sitting on them at all, then remove them.

You also need to take your bird to an Avian Vet in your driving area for a good physical workup to see if there are any problems. Routine bloodwork needs to be done to make sure organs are functioning properly. As our birds age, a once a year visit to Avian Vet is a must to keep them in good health.

Your bird also needs to be eating organic pellets, and Harrison's is what we use and is endorsed by Avian Vets. Here is a link on how to go about the change and please do start this if you've been feeding only seeds all this time. A 30 year old parrot is in danger of fatty liver disease if all they've ever eaten is seeds.

Switching Birds to Pellets article

Thanks for writing and good luck with your precious bird. Let us know how everything is going including what you change name to. Make sure it is something that sounds similar to the other name or bird will have an identity crisis.


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