amazon parrot - cage safe?

by Steph Miller
(Derby, UK)

im about to buy a amazon parrot but i have also brought a cage second hand which is a gold bar cage instead of silver and i have been told that the amazon parrot can not go in a gold bared cage because they will chew the bars and die

Is this true?

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Apr 08, 2011
amazon parrot - cage safe?
by: Linda

I think what they mean is that the gold and brass cages are usually made using high levels of zinc, especially those made in China, which is as poisonous as is lead. Unless you know who made this cage and can contact them about lead and zinc content, I would not use the cage.

Even with a new cage, you have to ask the right questions and get the right information. Ask any seller to provide you with a link or phone number of the facility here in the US that performed both the lead and zinc testing on the powdercoating for steel powdercoated cages. Even with stainless steel cages from China, make sure you have an internet address or phone for the lab facility where the metal was tested for lead and zinc.

We have a large double Macaw cage made by HQ, in China, and we contacted cage seller and received an address for a lab in Louisiana who did the lead and zinc testing on powdercoat. Do not rely on a seller that assures you cage is lead and zinc safe because they just want to make the sale. Ask for specifics, and if seller has to go back to the manufacturer or US wholesale supplier to get the information, make sure you have it before buying any cage made in China or the UK. There are very few companies making cages in the US anymore and most are coming from China, so be careful. Parrots put their mouths and feet on cage bars all the time, and lead and zinc can be transferred by mouth or through the skin of feet.This is also true for toy hangers and parts that are made using zinc. I recommend only buying toys with parts made of stainless steel here in the US and you can also find the hanger hardware for both toys and perches made of stainless steel. Unfortunately, the US is buying and selling thousands of items made in China from bird toys and cages to earrings and other jewelry or jewelry making supplies. Always do your homework before buying metal products. Good rule of thumb. but not always reliable, is the cheaper the item, the more chance it was made in China using inferior and downright poisonous ingredients. Buyer Beware!

The A&E cages sold on this site, have been tested and you can get a copy of the test if you use the contact form on this site.

Thanks for writing and for asking the right questions before you buy.


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