Amazon parrot cost

by Donna jones
(South Yorkshire)

How much is an 8 year old untamed amazon parrot worth. Someone is wanting to sell it for £400,,is it worth it.

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Sep 09, 2011
8 year old amazon
by: Donna

Thank you very much for your information.

Sep 09, 2011
Amazon parrot cost
by: Linda

Well, unless you are an experienced bird handler and know how to tame and train the larger birds, I say pass on this one for any price. (Prices vary depending on what others are selling birds for and if they take their birds to avian vets to make sure they are healthy.)

If you do have experience taming and training the larger parrots, then if the bird is healthy, it is worth whatever you think it's worth. Make sure the people selling the bird are giving you a recent health certificate which means the bird has been thoroughly examined by an Avian Vet directly before the sale. If they have not done this, then make purchase contingent upon them doing this. New birds always have to be examined by an Avian Vet within the first few days or week of having them to make sure they have no infections or other physical problems. So, if they are not willing to do this, there could be something going on here they don't want you to know about.

An 8 year old Amazon who is not tame indicates he may have been used for breeding which is okay as long as he is healthy. Untamed Amazons as with other parrots can be fierce and a potential danger to you and others in your household. If you understand them and are willing to take some bites in the process of taming, then go ahead. Just keep in mind that parrots are exotic wild animals, and can be dangerous until they are tamed and trained. Even after that, they are unpredictable as are all wild animals and can hurt their caretakers when frightened, angry or involved in other unplanned situations.

Do no taming, training or dietary changes until bird has been examined by an Avian Vet as all of this is very stressful.

Find out more about this bird and his habits and what they have done with him in the past. Very odd to have any large bird that has never been trained so look for signs of neglect like unthrifty appearance indicating poor diet and care. If he's in a pet shop, require his history before even thinking of getting him. If he's in a home, require the same information because it could save you or family members from severe injury if you understand more about him and wild parrots in general.

Good luck,

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