Amazon parrot doesn't make noise

by GG

I've just recently got my amazon parrot who is very tame and allows me to hold it and stroke its head, and I was told its still quit you not even a year old. I'm not sure whether it's a he or she but what im worried about is that it doesn't make any loud noises or any that include it's beak being opened it just makes some sort of gurgling noise from it's throat. Is this normal? And will he or she start making noises? Thank you very much

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Jan 23, 2012
Amazon - No noise
by: Anonymous

If you just got the bird, likely he's scared. Most my birds didnt make a sound for awhile. MY IRN took her a month and a half before she made any noise, when she was brought home.

When she was petted, she'd make a gurgling, purring kinda noise. This I think bc she copied the cat who rubbed on her cage then purred.

Chances are your bird is fine. However, since we cannot examine the bird over the internet, it would be wise to get him checked out by an avian vet just to be sure he's in good health.

Some birds are just quiet, and won't ever make much noise, or talk. It's just how the individual bird is.

My Amazon is fairly quiet, unless He's talked to first. Then he will talk. Or when certain people like me enter the room, then he wants my attention and will say I love you.

A vet can sex your bird as well. Which should be done in my opinion, simply bc if the bird is female you want to watch her during the egg laying season, make sure she doesnt become egg-bound. I have all mine sexed for this reason.

Normally I get my sexing done at the local aviary, where they clip a nail to bleed, then rub it on a card. They send it in, and in a wk I have results. This costs about $35. Plus they send a certificate with the sexing results.

All my birds within the first week of coming home, see our local avian vet to ensure it's healthy. Then once a yr from that day, unless I suspect something is wrong, then they go shead of schedule. Thankfully there has been nothing wrong with my birds, it was just me being over motherly.
Fact is, They went to the vet when I felt they needed it.

I have 1 blue front amazon, TAG, CAG, and an IRN. My IRN and Amazon were rescue birds. Family got sick, and couldnt care properly for the birds, eventually family died. So I took on their birds.
My 2 greys, where purchased from an aviary.
All my birds get trained, to build confidence and trust. It's really helped them to open up.

Sometimes the gurgling type sound you're hearing could just be baby noises that it's still making. But you need to take him to a vet to ensure his health.

My Cag is 6 months old, and talks up a storm, making every bird noise from the aviary as possible! Even still it took her a little time to destress, and relax. It could be something that simple, to you having a sick bird. There's no way for us to tell over the internet.

Your bird needs an avian vet. Not a dog and cat vet. They dont alwaysspecialize in exotic animals, and would make "guesses" to what it is, vs knowing what it is.

My Vets has a wing for just for exotics, mainly birds, then a wing for domestic animals like dogs. So Call around, ASK if there is an avian specialist at that clinic.

Hope this helps and GL. Wishes for a healthy bird!

Jan 22, 2012
Bird making gurgling sounds
by: Tracie

It sounds like your bird has an infection, and this is very serious. Please Find an Avian Vet to examine your bird right away.

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