Amazon Parrot - Feeding Question

by Amy
(Fort Atkinson WI)

I just purchased a two month old Amazon, he makes a clucking sound like a chicken (almost) when I take him out of his cage or go to feed him formula. Does anyone know what that sound means? (happy,mad?)

He also bobs his head up and down frequently, what does this mean?

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Sep 05, 2009
Clucking and Head Bobbing
by: Linda

The clucking is a baby sound meaning he is going to be fed, and he LIKES it! Head bobbing is also a baby trait, and I'm sure you have to hold his little head still when feeding as this bobbing motion is what all baby parrots do when being fed or wanting to be fed. They will also sometimes get down low, almost flat, and spread their wings and bob their heads and cluck all at the same time when hungry. This is a direct sign that baby needs to eat and is normal.

We have Amazons, and they are one of my favorite bird species. The other is the entire Macaw family. Amazons are somewhat less emotionally demanding than the Macaws and Cockatoos, though they still need to know they are loved and needed.

So enjoy your little guy/gal and post a picture or two of him/her when you can as we love to see baby pictures!!!


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