Amazon Parrot Food

by Shawn
(New Hampshire)

Hi Guys,

I have been writing questions fairly regulary since taking over the care of a neglected yellow naped amazon. I have made huge improvements with my little girl and she really trust me and loves me now. So I think I am ready to get her on whatever the appropriate food should be. When I got her she was on a complete seed diet, the cheap stuff even. For the last month or so I have been feeding her a Low-Fat pellet mix by Tropimix. It has papaya chunks, banana, corn, etc..

My question to you guys: Is this food sufficient or is there another food I should wean my little girl onto. Also we give her a fair amount of table food ranging from everyday veggies to the occasional egg or peice of chicken. I thank you all in advance for your help.



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Dec 25, 2008
Parrot food
by: Lori

I don't have an amazon but I do have an african grey that was on walmart parrot seed for the first five years of his life. When I got him I started trying to change him over to pellets and when he was 8 I found Harrison's high potency pellets and changed him from the fruit flavored pellets. He has not been sick for the last 3 years
and I truley believe its because he eats a healthier diet. I still give him organic seed mix in the evening and cooked bird food in the morning with veggies and fruit in the afternoon.
My sun conure started on Harrison's at 3 months and has never been sick. He will be 3 in Feb.
I highly recommend these pellets.

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