Amazon Parrot in a strange pose

by Joe
(Alameda CA)

we have 30+ year old Amazon...Male, I was told, and confirmed by the vet

lately he has taken to posing on his perch with his butt way up in the air....and making pigeon noises. It's not the same as his play with me pose when he swats and shrugs his shoulders at us...My wife thinks I have trained him to respond sexually to me because of the way I pet his neck and back...

Do we have a gay parrot?

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May 01, 2012
Amazon Parrot in a strange pose
by: Anonymous

It's mating season for birds!

No, your bird is not gay. Parrots typically will bond with one person, despite how well socialized they are. They will pick their favorite human. Usually the person who spends the most time with them. Amazons are great family birds, they basically love everyone, but can still pick a faovrite.

So when mating season hits, they will do mating behavior for their bonded human, same sex or not.
It doesn't make them gay, however. Birds see things differently then humans. Has nothing to do with weather or not you're both male, or gayness.

Try limiting your bird's sunlight. Birds are on a biological clock, as the day light hours get longer, this instinctively tells the birds it's time to mate.

You might notice mating behavior, or aggressiveness (females laying eggs with no male present) during this time. It's normal. If this is something you want to discourage, then limit his daylight hours. This will trick the bird into thinking it's still winter. About 4-5 pm, start closing up the blinds or curtains in the house. About 7-8 open up the windows as you normally would.

Just remember to watch what you say about and around your bird when he is doing this behavior, it could encourage him to keep doing it, or end up repeating phrases you don't want him to.

The way you pet your bird on his neck and back, does not encourage his sexual behavior. During molting season, birds love a good scratch and pet, it helps bring new growing pin feathers to the surface, and relieves irratation.

Hope this helps.

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