Amazon Parrot Itching

by Sasha
(California, USA)

I have a 2.5 year old female Amazon Parrot who has been itching the area near her chest/ breast bones quite frequently for some time. She is given baths 2-4 times a week, and the paper in her cage is changed a couple times a week. We took her to the doctor, who said that her diet (eating Zupreem colored pellets) is what was triggering this, as she isn't being allowed to defecate as frequently as she should be doing. Can anything else besides this be deduced?

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Aug 19, 2008
Itching Amazon Parrot
by: The Vet

It is possible that the ZuPreem is contributing to this problem. This food is very high in sugar. This is not good for any bird and can affect their metabolism as well as contribute to yeast infections. In addition this food has lots of artificial ingredients - colors, flavors, and preservatives, as well as potentially pesticide residues, all of which can contribute to health problems in birds.

Other problems can be causing this in your bird too. Nutritional deficiencies such as Omega fatty acids; too little of the good fats in the diet, and even zinc deficiency can do this. Even food allergies have been known to cause these symptoms. The best way around all of these issues is to feed a better diet.

The best you can feed is Harrison's. This will address all of the nutritional issues discussed here. However, other non-diet problems can do this. For example exposure to tobacco smoke and nicotine resides. Exposure to other environmental inhaled toxins.

Other things include high levels of chlorine in the bathing water. Also too much bathing can dry the skin. If you bathe as often as 3-4x / week, then you should use a bird bath spray, preferably Avix Bird Rain, at least once per week. Low humidity can also contribute to this problem. Parrots need about 60% humidity.

Bacterial infections, fungal infections, and viral infections are also found in similar cases. Bottom line, your veterinarian needs to perform some diagnostics to figure the cause. Blood work is a good start. X-rays are helpful. Maybe even a skin biopsy is called for.

I cannot say for sure without examining your bird, but these things should be considered. First you should address the issues I have outline her - diet, bathing, environment - and see if it improves. If not within a couple of weeks, maybe a couple of month, then move forward with the diagnostics I mention.

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