Amazon parrot molting alot after laying eggs

by Kim Burge

My 10 year old YellowNaped Parrot, DeauxDeaux, layed her 1st eggs(3 of them) in June. They were unfertilized, but the vet said to let her sit on them until she abandons them. I let her sit for a little over a month, then I took 1 egg away, and she left abandoned the other 2. Everything went back to normal for her afterwards except she has started molting alot, and I mean ALOT!

Visibly you can't tell by looking at her, but there are feathers everywhere, not just down feathers, but the green body feathers and tail and wing feathers too. I know she isn't plucking them, I see her preening but not plucking. She has never molted this much at one time.

Should I add something to her diet? She is a picky eater, she likes her grapes, peanuts, and sometimes snap peas, and I feed her Brown's Tropical Carnival Gourmet Food, and she eats a good bit of it. Should I give her vitamins also??

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Aug 16, 2008
Amazon egg laying and molting
by: The Vet

First, TODAY, switch her to a pellet diet! The diet you describe is deficient in calcium and protein among other important nutrients. These nutrients cannot be supplemented with vitamins. A pellet diet is the only way to ensure that your bird will be eating a balanced complete diet.

The molting is normal for a bird that just got off of a nest of eggs. Egg laying is very taxing on the body and she is desperate for quality nutrition. The best you can feed is Harrison's. This should be 80% of her diet, and the other things you are feeding should be no more than 20% of her diet. It may not be easy, but you need to do whatever it takes fro her to eat pellets.

[Tracie has the article on this site about how to switch to pellets.]

You also need to have her examined by your avian veterinarian after the egg laying to be sure there is no secondary bacterial or yeast infections. Birds should see their Dr annually for well bird check ups and vaccinations anyway.

Dr B

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