Amazon Parrot sounds like she cries when I go to bed

by Chris
(Liverpool UK)

I have recently purchased a Blue headed amazon the family we bought her off think she is around 7 years old she has not been handled and for treats was fed pizza and chips as rewards?!?! We have changed her diet and started handling her she seems of a far happier nature and relaxed around us.

As I've gone to bed last night she started making a noise that could only be described as a baby crying it only lasted about 30 seconds but she has never made this noise before I'm just a little worried about her as I've never heard it before is this a normal sound?

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Apr 02, 2013
Amazon Parrot sounds like she cries when I go to bed
by: Linda

All new birds have to be examined by an Avian Vet ONLY during the first few days we have them. Your bird has been taken care of horribly by previous family, and it is likely she has infection or some other physical problems that are in need of looking into. Have the Avian Vet do testing for both bacterial and viral infections and have some bloodwork done to see how organs are functioning. The liver suffers badly from a poor diet, and parrots need to be eating 80-85% in organic pellets like Harrisons found here. All seed diets kill them slowly, and is it called malnutrition. It takes time to change them over from seeds to pellets and below is article on how to go about it written by avian vet.


Make NO changes in diet until an Avian Vet has examined her and tested for infections and/or other problems that will show in the bloodwork. Luckily, she is young enough to recover from the mishandling of the other family but not if you don't get her to an Avian Vet as quickly as is possible.

She needs someone to be her advocate, and it appears, she has chosen you.

Thanks for writing and let us know what avian vet has to say when you can.


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