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Choose from Amazon parrot stories below to find out what it is like to live with an Amazon Parrot. We collect bird stories and parrot photos and post them here in hopes that those looking for the perfect parrot for their home will be able to find the right bird for them.

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Dee’s Blue Fronted Amazon photo / pictureJulie's Cuban Amazon Parrot photo / pictureAtalantae’s Mexican Red Headed Amazon photo / pictureGigi's Orange Winged Amazon photo / pictures

Orange Winged Amazon Photo / Picture - AmyOrange Winged Amazon Photo / Pictures BereniceOrange Winged Amazon Parrot photo / pictures Susiespectacled Amazon Parrot photo / pictures Amy

Mexican Red Headed Amazon Picture -  Juli / PhotoLilac Crowned Amazon Picture / StoryHispaniolan Amazon Picture / StoryYellow Nape Amazon Picture / Story

Lilac Crowned Amazon Picture / StoryOrange Winged Amazon Baby Picture / StoryDouble Yellow Headed Amazons Picture / StoryRed Lored Amazon in love with a Cockatoo

Blue Fronted Amazon lost and foundYellow Naped Amazon picture / photoRed Lored Amazon picture / photo

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